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Rongfa Group: Love Helps Villages Send Warmth Before Festival


In order to implement the work plan of the New District Working Committee and Management Committee on pairing key enterprises to help villages, on the morning of the lunar new year on January 28, 2019, the party Committee of Rongfa Group organized the activity of "caring for villages and sending warmth before the festival". Wang Wenjing, deputy secretary of the party Committee, led the consolation team to visit Liujia Village and Heping Village in Dacun Town, Binhai Street. Binhai streets, large villages and towns in charge, accompanied by the group's full-time rural work instructor.



The condolences team went to the homes of centenarians, veteran party members, and needy households to carefully inquire about their physical conditions, production and living conditions, and encourage them to strengthen their confidence, live an optimistic life, and rely on the good policies of the party and the government to make their days better., And sent condolences such as rice noodle oil, wishing them a happy and peaceful Spring Festival. At the same time, communicate and interact with town and village cadres to gain an in-depth understanding of the development of the village industry and the latest progress in poverty alleviation, and listen to their opinions and suggestions on state-owned enterprises to help rural revitalization.



Since 2018, Rongfa Group and its investment group have assumed the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises, implemented the strategy of rural revitalization, gave full play to the advantages of project construction, capital and talents, completed the comprehensive environmental improvement project of Qiancun, Shuangdun and Houcun villages in large villages, started the construction of "terraced fields and Xingxiang" scenic spot in Lijia Village of Lingshan Island and the environmental improvement project of Zizhuang in Liuwang Town, and selected postdoctoral cadres to serve as full-Heping Village, speeding up the introduction of characteristic industry projects has injected new impetus into the revitalization of rural areas in the new area.



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