Fully Promote the Construction of Rongfa Building to Build Benchmark Building for Urban Renewal


Industry-based, project is king! On May 18, 2023, when I entered the project site of Rongfa Building, there were many tower cranes and machines roaring, which was a busy scene. As a key project in Qingdao, the construction of Rongfa Building is speeding up and going all out to sprint for the node target of topping Tower B at the end of the year.



The total investment of Rongfa Building project is about 3 billion yuan, with a total area of 53.78 mu and a total construction area of 250000 square meters. The project adopts the layout of twin towers, with the height of tower a in the north 202 meters and tower B in the south 172.4 meters, which is the tallest building under construction in Qingdao west coast new area. After the completion of the project, it will further accelerate the transformation of the city's appearance, provide healthy and comfortable headquarters office space for high-tech and high-growth enterprises such as finance and scientific research, and create a new highland of regional building economy.



At present, the main structure of Tower A and Tower B of the project has been constructed to the 18th floor, and the construction of the secondary structure of the underground garage has been basically completed. It is progressing steadily according to the target node. Looking around, nearly 400 builders are working hard and their operations are in full bloom. "As a super high-rise building, construction is far more difficult than ordinary housing construction projects." In order to ensure the construction period, Rongfa group, together with China Railway Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., has repeatedly demonstrated and improved the construction technology, technical challenges and project management. According to the actual situation of the project, it has innovated advanced construction technologies such as BIM site construction management information technology, high-efficiency welding technology of steel structure, high-strength and high-performance concrete technology, so as to ensure the construction quality and safety, Maximize the construction efficiency.

During the construction process, Rongfa Building has received strong support from the Guzhenkou Core District Management Committee, the District State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Bureau, and the District Urban Renewal Office. In the next step, Rongfa Group will give full play to its main business advantages, practice the responsibility of state-owned enterprises, speed up the construction of the project, make overall plans in advance for the introduction of industrial resources in the later period and the operation and management in the later period, and strive to build the project into a representative and a new business card for the high quality urban renewal of super-high-rise buildings in the core area of Guzhenkou.

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