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Rongfa Group: Labor Interpretation Responsibility Struggle Writing Responsibility

From the capping of the main body of the 1.2 phase of Fusion Jiayuan to the completion and acceptance of the University Town Stadium, from the restoration and renovation of the ancient town port line to the renewal and maintenance of green plants in the Navy Park, the builders of Rongfa Group took root in the first line during this May Day holiday, writing the light of youth with struggle, sensing the pulse of the times with passion, and interpreting responsibilities and responsibilities with sweat.

The Rongfa Building project under construction, with a total investment of about 3 billion yuan and a total construction area of nearly 250000 square meters, is the tallest building under construction in the West Coast New area. On the morning of May 1, at the project construction site, 400 construction workers were working on the main structure of the tower and podium, and there was a busy scene of hard work everywhere. "At present, the main structure of Tower A of the project is constructed to 17 floors, and the main structure of Tower B is constructed to 16 floors. We are making full efforts to push forward with the status of" non-stop and non-stop "officers, and strive to complete the capping of the 37-storey main structure of Tower B and the construction node of the 37-storey main structure of Tower A by the end of the year." Chen Feng, director of the chief engineer's office and director of the engineering management department of Rongfa Group, said.

On April 30, with the completion of the pouring of the last warehouse of the revetment structure, the water area project of the ancient town port line restoration and renovation project with a total length of about 12 kilometers was successfully completed from Longmending Wharf in the north to Lianxin Fishing Port in the south. The project is an important livelihood project to improve the coastal function and seawater quality of the ancient town mouth, improve the coastal landscape environment and enhance the image of the city. Since the project, scientific layout, rapid construction. "We are now rushing to do a lot of work during the day and fighting at night. The land part of the project has been completed by 60% and is striving for completion by the end of the year." Ding Yuxue, project manager of Rongfa Group, said.

During the May Day period, the public stadium (stadium) project in Guzhenkou University Town has taken on a new look. All 19288 seats in the stadium are in place, 7876 square meters of professional natural lawn and 400 meters of plastic runway have been laid, and more than 100 desk lighting equipment have been debugged. We are welcoming the first Chinese football match of Qingdao West Coast Team with a new attitude. "Although the project has been completed and accepted, we cannot relax and continue to stick to our posts, to ensure the smooth progress of the competition on May 10," said Lu Kebin, project manager of Rongfa Group.

Liuhe Road Farmers' Market Project is also striving for the construction period with enthusiasm, pushing the project construction to run out of "acceleration" with a running attitude ". A few days ago, the main body of the project was capped and all the above-ground walls were completed. During the festival, project managers and workers stick to the front line of construction, making every effort to build a wall underground and build light partition walls for offices and hotels. All the builders adhere to the working state of "both energy and tenacity" to promote the construction to blossom in an all-round way.

With the advent of the May Day holiday, the Navy Park has ushered in a peak of large passenger flow. In order to improve the comfort of citizens and tourists, the Municipal Company of Rongfa Group dispatched a number of large-scale machinery and equipment such as road sweepers, sprinklers, fog cannons, and more than 230 green sanitation workers to carry out green plant renewal, maintenance and quantitative upgrading on the roads and surrounding areas such as Navy Park, Navy Road, Fusion Road, Yingshanhong Road, Haiya Road, Haiya Road, Haiya Road, Sansha Road, and Yongjun Road. Planting trees and shrubs such as black pine, white pine, red-leaved heather, thornless medlar, golden seed privet, etc., removing and replacing over 50,000 square meters of planted flowers and plants, creating a number of greening management demonstration roads such as fusion road, yingshan red road, yongjun road, etc. "We have also set up municipal service posts in the Navy Park and the trestle bridge at the entrance of the ancient town of" Light of the dark blue "to provide tourists with services such as parking guidance and guidance, so that tourists can enjoy themselves comfortably and at ease," said Feng Kai, general manager of the municipal company.

Persistence during holidays is due to projects, tasks and responsibilities. At present, the group's 50 urban renewal and industrial investment projects with a total investment of more than 28 billion yuan are closely following the time node and advancing rapidly and steadily. The workers who stick to all positions in the group are also making full use of the favorable conditions of the holidays to pay tribute to the festival with hard work, to promote hard work with passion, to contribute to the development and construction of the core area of Guzhenkou, and to compose the most beautiful labor hymn with actions.

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