Rongfa Group Launching "May Day" Pre-holiday Safety Inspection Activities with "Red Face Sweating" to Make Hidden Danger Nears to Hide

In order to further improve the quality, safety and environmental management level of the Group's construction projects and ensure the smooth operation of safe production during the May Day holiday. On the afternoon of April 27, 2023, an inspection team composed of responsible comrades in charge of the group, external experts, engineering management department, safety and quality department, and relevant responsible comrades of the real estate company adopted the "four no two straight" approach, in-depth surprise inspections were carried out on more than 10 key projects under construction, including Rongfa Building, Guzhen Port Line Repair and Renovation, Sansha Road utility tunnel, International Health Care Center, Liuhe Farmers' Market Renovation, and Fusion Jiayuan Phase 1.2.

This investigation work closely follows the actual situation of the project, intensifies safety inspections, and conducts dragnet investigations on key issues such as fire safety, public facilities and equipment, construction safety, and project construction sites to ensure that the work does not go through the scene and safety precautions do not leave dead ends. Key areas such as approval and control of the eight major hazardous operations of the project, illegal subcontracting, subcontracting, unpacking and returning, and operation and maintenance of important equipment were investigated one by one. 16 problems were investigated on site, and all personnel were ordered to complete the rectification, and paper record forms were formed for filing, so as to build a solid defense line for safe production. At the same time, we should strengthen the safety management and duty system, improve the emergency plan for work safety, and deal with emergencies quickly, properly and timely.

Safe production is the biggest benefit of enterprises. The group will take this opportunity to adhere to the overall safety policy of "safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management", form a normalization and refinement of self-inspection and self-inspection within the project, prevent safety problems from the source, and make people "red face sweating" during the inspection, have the courage to "expose the shortcomings and show the ugliness", only recognize safety but not people, and strengthen the tracking management of weak locations, positions and personnel outside the project, strengthen supervision and management beyond eight hours to deepen understanding, standardize behavior, and keep the bottom line of safety.

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