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Party building leads strong development, co-construction, sharing and integration-China Construction Port Group and Qingdao Rongfa Group to carry out the Party's 20 major spiritual training and party building co-construction activities


In order to deeply study and implement the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, strengthen the leadership of party building, promote joint construction and co-construction, and promote win-win cooperation, on February 25, the general party branch of the first company of China Construction Port Group and the party committee of Qingdao Rongfa Group jointly launched the opening ceremony of the 20th CPC National Congress spiritual special training and party building co-construction activities at the party school of the working Committee of the West Coast New area.

The purpose of this activity is to establish a co-construction and cooperation mechanism of "Party building leads to promote development and jointly build a new chapter of win-win spectrum". It is not only an innovative practice to further strengthen the leadership of Party building, but also an important measure to strengthen the integrated development of Party building and business and promote the win-win development of both sides.



During the activity, all Party members reviewed the oath of joining the party, watched the brand propaganda film of Party building of both sides, signed the agreement on Party building and co construction, and unveiled the contact point of Party building and co construction.


After the event, teachers Yu Shencheng from the Party School of the Municipal Party Committee, Liu Zaigang and Wang Xin from the Party School of the District Working Committee were invited to teach party members on the spot a special party class on integrating theory with practice in three aspects: the current economic development situation, focusing on the interpretation of the Party's 20 major spirits, and deepening the comprehensive and strict governance of the Party, it provides a solid guarantee.



China Construction Port Group is the most competitive port and shipping integrated investment and construction group under China Construction. For a long time, Qingdao Rongfa Group and China Construction Port Group have strengthened communication and docking in the fields of "project construction" and "market development", adhered to complementary advantages, and demonstrated the responsibility of state-owned enterprises to serve the development and construction of national new areas and promote the integration of Jiaodong economic circle.



This joint construction will expand the scope of cooperation from regular project construction to party building innovation, talent training, brand creation and other aspects, which is a new starting point for the in-depth integration and development of both sides. In the future, the two parties will take this opportunity to use the cooperation opportunities of joint construction and joint construction to find out the common points of party building work and the entry point of activities. In accordance with the principle of "resource sharing, team building, and service linkage", the two parties will organize and carry out rich content and forms. Various activities, expand the connotation and depth of pairing and joint construction work, continuously stimulate the role of grassroots party branches as a battle fortress and the vanguard, and promote the integration of party members, improve the standardized construction level of the branch and the construction of discipline capacity, realize resource sharing, complementary advantages, two-way mutual promotion, and common improvement, and make new contributions to serving the national strategy and the high-quality development of the new district.

Zhu Hua, Executive Vice President of the Party School of the Working Committee, Tong Song, Member of the Party Committee, Deputy General Manager, and Chairman of the Trade Union of Rongfa Group, Yu Jianyong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, and Chairman of the Trade Union of China Construction Port Group, attended the event and delivered speeches. Zhang Yongmin, Secretary of the Party Branch and General Manager of the First Company of China Construction Port Group, attended the event.

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