The Board of Supervisors of Rongfa Group Held the Second Working Meeting in 2022

To carry out the work of the board of supervisors in a down-to-earth manner is an important measure to establish a modern enterprise system and improve the corporate governance structure of the company. In order to give full play to the supervision efficiency of the board of supervisors and help the high-quality development of the group, on February 24, 2022, the board of supervisors of Rongfa Group organized the second working meeting of 2022 and put forward opinions and suggestions on the development and daily management of the group. This is another coordination and linkage meeting of the group's board of supervisors after the first working meeting held in January this year.

The meeting stressed that 2022 is the "year of benefit breakthrough" of the group. All supervisors of the board of supervisors should thoroughly implement the spirit of the second party congress of the district, closely focus on the deployment requirements of the group party committee and the work of the group center, adhere to the working principle of "no vacancy, no dislocation and no offside", take the initiative, carry out special research on key projects, and focus in depth on the supervision of the group's decision-making and deployment, operation and internal control, grasp the focus of financial supervision, timely identify and reduce the possibility of business risks, continue to stabilize the construction and implementation of the system, and ensure the sustainable and healthy development of the Group.

The meeting pointed out that all supervisors should improve their positions and give full play to the supervision efficiency of the board of supervisors. The first is to improve the foresight of supervision and transform to the direction of prior supervision and prevention; the second is to improve the coordination of supervision, continuously optimize and integrate supervision resources, and gather strong synergy; the third is to improve the effectiveness of the transformation of results and effectively play the supervision Effectiveness.

Through this meeting, the understanding level of state-owned assets supervision of the supervisors of the group's board of supervisors has been further improved, the main responsibilities have been clarified, and the ability to identify major risks has been improved, which is conducive to promoting the standardized performance of supervisors. In the next step, the board of supervisors of the group will continue to play its supervisory function, focus on the main business, highlight the key points, strengthen the escort role in standardizing enterprise management, preventing operational risks, and maintaining and increasing the value of state-owned assets, so as to promote the group to become stronger, better and bigger, and serve the overall development of the new area.

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