Artistic breath pull full! Qingdao West Coast New District Added Another "Net Red Card Pin"


Recently, this experimental trestle on the west coast of Qingdao, the experimental trestle of Qingdao Science and Education Park of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, located in the core area of Guzhenkou, has become a new "Internet celebrity punch-in", attracting not only a large number of tourists, but also many media reports.



The sun shines on the bridge, and the whole trestle bridge is like a straight and sharp arrow feathers, pointing to the distant sea of stars. Walking on the bridge deck, while measuring the scenery with footsteps, while immersed in this full blue, standing on the bridge and not far away Lingshan Island across the sea, here, time seems to be lengthened, every step under the feet It is a kind of enjoyment.



In addition to its graceful posture, the most important thing about this trestle is its functionality. The experimental trestle is one of the projects of Qingdao Science and Education Park Phase I project of Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is constructed by Rongfa Group with a total length of 426 meters. The front section is equipped with a 25m × 41m platform. The platform is equipped with a meteorological observation laboratory with a height of 33 meters. The lower side of the platform is equipped with a water intake. Seawater can be directly transported to the park for research and use through the seawater pipeline on the side of the side of the trestle, used to transport scientific research facilities and equipment, the project is like a scientific ship, pointing to the sea, which is of great significance to the in-depth implementation of the national strategic mission of "taking marine economic development as the theme and building a new fulcrum of marine power strategy" in the West Coast New area.


During the construction process, the construction team overcame the complex marine environment and the harsh construction conditions such as large undulating terrain, thin overburden, even exposed rocks, and high bedrock strength. It also withstood many typhoon tests, which provided the construction quality of the overall project. Strong guarantee. During the construction process, the project also runs through the concept of ecological and environmental protection to protect the beach and sea water from damage.



At present, the restoration and comprehensive management project of the ancient town port line covering the experimental trestle bridge, from Longmending Wharf in the north to Lianxinyu Port in the south is progressing steadily. In the future, citizens and tourists can enjoy the sea view along the trestle bridge, and feel the vastness of the sea along the most beautiful coastline of the West Coast New District.

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