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Qingdao Guzhenkou Integration and Innovation Theme Park was awarded "Qingdao City Casting the Chinese Nation Community Consciousness Education Practice Base"

In order to solidly promote the education practice of building the awareness of the Chinese nation community in Qingdao and promote the establishment of demonstration, not long ago, after unit declaration, organization recommend and comprehensive review, the Qingdao Guzhenkou Integration and Innovation Theme Park operated by Rongfa Group was awarded by the United Front Work Department of the Qingdao Municipal Party Committee. "Qingdao City Casts the Chinese Nation Community Awareness Education Practice Base" title.

In recent years, under the guidance of higher-level united front, propaganda and other departments, Rongfa Group has established seven bases based on the rich national defense education and university resources in the core area of Guzhenkou. It has built a prominent political and innovative red and blue open classroom around "casting the consciousness of the Chinese nation community", giving full play to the advantages of the integration of red gene and navy blue, and building a professional educational practice base of "casting the consciousness of the Chinese nation community, establish a five-in-one cooperation mechanism of" production, learning, research, teaching, and training ", and integrate excellent university teachers and on-site teaching with the help of the new ideas and new ideas in the core area of Guzhenkou in the development of marine technology, integrated innovation, and port-city integration Resources, committed to providing various training courses for government agencies, enterprises and institutions and school ideological and political teaching, and striving to create a practical teaching curriculum system of" building for the Chinese national community consciousness.

at present, china Children and Teenagers' Fund, Qingdao China Vocational Education Society "Love Hometown, Know China, See the World" observation and learning activities, National Science Day Qingdao West Coast New District home activities, Qingdao National Security Education Day publicity and education theme activities, West Coast New District Network People's Association "Explore the West Coast" observation and learning activities, "Justice Care for Tomorrow Runxin School" minor education theme activities, Gansu Longnan Rural Revitalization Training Course, Shandong University of Science and Technology, etc. More than 160 activities.

In the future, Rongfa Group will focus on building a strong sense of the Chinese nation's community, give full play to its role as a practice base for building a strong sense of the Chinese nation's community, make good use of the national defense resources and university resources of the ancient town, and innovate to carry out patriotic education activities. With richer carriers, stronger atmosphere, and better services, we will build a common spiritual home for the Chinese nation and contribute to the continuous promotion of the construction of the Chinese nation community.

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