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[Special Column on Civilization Creation] Strive to Create Extraordinary Achievements in Ordinary Work

On August 13, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote back to "Chinese good people" Li Peisheng and Hu Xiaochun, fully affirming their dedication and dedication, and pointed out that the most valuable thing about "Chinese good people" is to create extraordinary achievements in ordinary work. I hope they will continue to play a good role as an example, actively spread truth, goodness and beauty, transmit positive energy, drive more people around them to be good, and promote the core values of socialism, strive to be a good citizen of society, a good employee of the unit, and a good member of the family, and dedicate your light and heat to the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Since April 2008, the central civilization office has organized and carried out the activity of "I recommend and I evaluate the good people around me" for 14 consecutive years, regularly released the "China's good people list", held the "national moral model and the good people around you on-site exchange activities", innovated the publicity and education of socialist core values, and sang the "good voice" in cyberspace ". As of the second quarter of 2022, more than 16000 "good people around" have been selected as "helping others", "acting bravely", "honesty and trustworthiness", "dedication", and "filial piety and loving relatives. The images of amiable, lovely, credible and learnable good people have been listed on the "list of good people in China", setting a moral benchmark for our era, creating a strong atmosphere of learning, caring, advocating and striving to be moral models, and playing a positive role in leading moral fashion.

Achieving dreams in hard work and creating extraordinary in the ordinary is the most beautiful background of "Chinese good people" rooted in their hearts, and it is also the greatest force to warm and inspire people. Among these good people, there are "grandfathers of party history" who have insisted on preaching party history voluntarily for more than ten years, "post-80s" and "white-haired principals" who stick to rural primary schools in their youth and build school buildings with their own housing funds, "post-90s" boys who bravely rushed into the fire to save people after the fire and explosion of their neighbor's oil pan, and "post-00s" boys who took their paraplegic father to college and took care of their father for more than ten years, there are forestry workers who are not afraid of difficulties and have guarded the green hills for 16 years, and there are "peace heroes" who are brave and loyal to keep peace and have been on the plateau for 26 years... They are all ordinary Chinese people. They have made extraordinary achievements in the most ordinary posts, or put their own life and death aside in a critical moment, or carry the heavy burden and good hope of their families with their own strength, or use practical actions to silently practice the simple ambition of serving the country. They contribute to the better development of China, give selflessly for others to have a happy life, lead the social fashion with firm and persistent beliefs, and use their love and good deeds to spread Truth, goodness and beauty, transmit positive energy, and drive more people around you to be good.

Dust and fog micro, replenish mountains and seas; firefly candle end light, brighten the sun and moon. "Chinese good people" convey Chinese virtues. They are heroes around them and the light of the times. In the new journey, the stories of "good people in China" are like clear springs, fragrant and refreshing, encouraging more people to follow their example, to watch the consciousness of morality, the warmth of kindness and the height of life in the ordinary, to do every ordinary work well, to do every daily little thing well, and to create extraordinary achievements in struggle and practical work. (Source: Qiushi Network Author: Qiushi Network Commentator)

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