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Party Building Leads Aggregation, Social Enterprises Jointly Build to Welcome Mid-Autumn Festival | Rongfa Group Party Committee Joins Hands with Haijing Road Community Party Committee of Yinzhu Street to Carry out "Our Festival Mid-Autumn Festival" Theme Activity

The Mid-Autumn Festival is an important traditional festival in my country. In order to promote excellent traditional culture, enhance the connection of social enterprise work and resource docking, and help the creation of a national civilized model city, on September 7, 2022, the Rongfa Group Party Committee and the Haijing Road Community Party Committee of Yinzhu Street Carry out the "Our Festival · Mid-Autumn Festival" theme activity.

At the beginning of the activity, the community staff explained the folk knowledge of the Mid-Autumn Festival for enterprise employees and community residents. Everyone listened with relish and was full of expectations for the activity. During the activity, under the guidance of the baking teacher, the participants mixed noodles, weighed, pressed skins, wrapped fillings, and finally put them into the mold to press and shape, making a unique and loving moon cake. While enjoying the fun of interaction and the joy of successfully making moon cakes, they also gave the prepared moon cakes to the elderly in the jurisdiction area to bring them holiday greetings.


Afterwards, the participants listened to the special lecture on psychological counseling brought by the teacher of Eisen Psychology Zang Xia. The lecture was titled "Cultivating Children's Balance and Promoting Family Happiness and Harmony", focusing on parent-child relationships and advocating parents to continue Learning new concepts and methods of family education, improve the ability of family education guidance, and establish a good relationship of equality, harmony and common growth with children, create a family cultural atmosphere of democracy, harmony and common development, so that children can constantly construct self-cognition and innovative self in the process of parents' company, guidance and interaction, so as to realize mutual learning and common growth between parents and children, and let good family style and good family education take root.

This event took the traditional festival "Mid-Autumn Festival" as an opportunity to build a "heart-to-heart bridge" between social enterprises, strengthen communication between party members, and create a joyous, peaceful and festive atmosphere. In the next step, the Party Committee of Rongfa Group will focus on building a party building brand of "sunshine and dedication", strengthen the two-way interaction with community party organizations, make good use of the resource list, demand list and project list, and promote the sinking of cadre resources and work force to the front line, realize joint organization, joint affairs, resource sharing, joint activities, and joint management of party members, and continuously gather powerful spiritual forces to forge ahead in a new journey and build a new era, to create a strong social atmosphere for the successful convening of the Party's 20th National Congress.

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