party-mass constructionPARTY BUILDING





Village-enterprise joint construction, cohesion, consultation and common promotion of development


In order to effectively implement the joint construction and co-construction activities of party organizations and give full play to the advantages and role of state-owned enterprises in rural revitalization, on September 2, the party committee of Rongfa Group and the party committee of Taqiao Village, Liuwang Town held a signing ceremony for party building joint construction and co-construction, and visited and offered condolences to help the needy people in villages and towns.


At the signing ceremony, the two parties will follow the principle of "complementary advantages, resource sharing, mutual benefit and win-win, and common development", focusing on building a strong village party organization, promoting a strong village and enriching the people, improving the level of governance, and serving the people. "Joint construction and co-construction" is an opportunity to further strengthen communication and contact, and enhance the sense of political responsibility and historical mission to comprehensively promote rural revitalization, implement detailed party building joint construction, homestay management, characteristic agriculture and other work, and inject vitality into the service of rural revitalization through resource integration, ideological integration, and humanistic integration.



After the signing ceremony, the condolences team visited the needy people in Fuyuan Grid Village, Liuwang Town, Taqiao Grid Village, and Lujia Dazhuang Grid Village in Haiqing Town, and cordially asked them about the problems they encountered in their lives. Listen carefully to their difficult demands and wishes, learn more about their living conditions, and encourage them to cheer up and build confidence.



In the next step, Rongfa Group will practice the responsibility of state-owned enterprises, give full play to the group's advantages in capital, management, technology, sales, marketing, cultural tourism, etc., and explore a development service that leads by party building, accelerates the promotion of state-owned economy, and takes the initiative of villages and towns. New way. Through deep excavation and integration of rural assets and resources, combined with the "Zhuzi Culture" of Taqiao Village, we will clarify development ideas, identify development projects, promote the two-wheel drive of "Party Building Culture", and promote the common revitalization of rural culture and village collective economy.

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