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[Volunteer Service] Many Measures to Carry out Drowning Prevention Publicity and Build a "Protective Wall" to Prevent Drowning Safety"


Summer heat, drowning events into the prone period. In order to effectively prevent and eliminate the occurrence of drowning accidents, and comprehensively improve the safety awareness of citizens and tourists in preventing drowning and the ability of self-care and self-rescue, recently, the Youth Volunteers of the Rongfa Group Trade Union Organization Group carried out the "Care for Life and Youth Protection" anti-drowning publicity and education volunteer service in the Navy Park. activity.



During the activity, volunteers patiently and meticulously explained to the masses the basic knowledge of drowning prevention and drowning rescue methods by means of on-site persuasion and leaflets, so as to guide the masses to enhance their awareness of safety precautions and not to swim in deep water areas.



The recent hot weather, for young children drowning prevention education is particularly important. Volunteers hope that parents should fulfill their supervisory responsibilities, and urge children not to swim in seaside, rivers, ponds and other places without their parents, and educate children to do "six not for a while". At the same time, they should learn basic emergency self-rescue, help-seeking, alarm and other methods, keep in mind the knowledge of drowning prevention, avoid drowning accidents, and protect their own life safety.



Next, the union volunteers of Rongfa Group will also use the rest time to publicize the knowledge of drowning prevention, ensure that the alarm bell of "safety" is sounded at all times, truly implement the safety work of drowning prevention, build a solid defense line for the life and life safety of citizens and tourists, and practice the responsibility and responsibility of state-owned enterprises with practical actions!

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