[Happy Women's Day] Here, Fanghua is a different kind of red-Rongfa Group gathers "her strength" to promote high-quality economic development.

All colors are always spring, and they are like gorgeous flowers from the flowers in spring, weaving into a beautiful landscape of the group. They work hard, in the wave of rapid development of the group, women do not let men, cut through difficulties; they are selfless dedication, with hard work and sweat to write a wonderful life of continuous self-improvement and forge ahead; they take responsibility and work with wisdom to prop up the "half the sky" of work and life ". They are the female employees of Rongfa Group!



Years flow gold, women compete for glory. In this new era of full bloom of women, the Women's Committee of Rongfa Group, under the leadership of the Party Committee of the Group, has explored the "1 1 2" model, that is, to consolidate an organizational foundation, strengthen the cadre team of the Women's Committee of the Group, establish the working mechanism of the Women's Committee of the Group, and lay a solid foundation for the organization and construction of the work; adhering to two grasping hands, grasping democratic management on the one hand and position construction on the other, all work has goals, contents and measures, which not only enhances the sense of existence of the women's committee of the group, but also enhances the sense of achievement of the women's committee of the group, so as to realize the simultaneous planning and promotion of the work of the women's Federation and the main responsibility and main business.

Build a strong organizational structure to promote the construction of work positions


Rongfa Group has strengthened the organization and construction of grass-roots women's committees, strengthened the construction of women's cadres, consolidated women's work positions, continuously shortened the service radius, and woven a layer-by-layer transmission work network covering all female employees. The leadership of the Women's Committee of the Group has a clear division of labor and responsibility. All units and departments have set up a number of women's groups in series according to the actual work. Through this strong cadre team of women's federations, they have contacted and served nearly 200 women in the whole group, so that women's work at the grass-roots level can be carried out more effectively, women's rights and interests can be more protected, and the work of the women's committee of the group can be truly implemented at the grass-roots level, effective at the grass-roots level and serve the grass-roots level.


Deepening Democratic Reform and Protecting Women's Legal Rights and Interests

Rongfa Group strictly implements the Labor Law, enhances women's awareness of participating in democratic management through education, publicity, training and other channels, elects female employee representatives and effectively participates in the group's rules and regulations or major issues involving the vital interests of female employees. Special contracts such as the protection of special rights and interests of female employees have been signed. In addition, the Women's Committee of the Group incorporated the publicity and popularization of laws and regulations to protect women's legitimate rights and interests into the group's law popularization plan, and carried out a number of special lectures covering the "Law on the Protection of Women's Rights and Interests" to defend women's legitimate rights and interests with practical actions.

Innovative Activity Carrier Caring for Women's Growth and Development


The Women's Committee of Rongfa Group organizes colorful activities that care for women's physical and mental health, improve women's self-cultivation, and improve female employees' sense of happiness, security, and gain. In the region's state-owned enterprises, they took the lead in setting up an enabling center. In the first phase, more than 40 professional teachers were hired to give lectures and guidance on a harmonious family and a better life to retired soldiers and their families, military wives and families of active servicemen, so as to strengthen the mental health protection of female workers. In addition, the Women's Committee of the Group also takes female employees as its arms, gathers the power of "women volunteers", cooperates in carrying out voluntary care actions, gives full play to the power of "women's red" party building, and carries out public welfare service projects such as "donating blood without compensation to fight the epidemic", "warming childlike innocence and conveying warmth", gathers the power of love and gives back to the society with practical actions.


Yangchun March, full of green. On the occasion of the 112th International Women's Day, the "half the sky" of Rongfa Group, inspiring "women's aspirations", showing "women's deeds", fighting on multiple fronts such as epidemic prevention and control, financing and debt issuance, and front-line security, writing beauty with struggle and interpreting beauty with responsibility, with solid achievements, it has won many honorary titles, such as "March 8 Advanced Collective of Shandong Province", "March 8 Red Flag bearer of Qingdao City", "pacesetter post for female workers to make contributions" and "five good female workers". It contributes to the development and construction of the core area of Guzhenkou and the high-quality development of the West Coast New area, and contributes the wisdom and strength of women in the new era.

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