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Rongfa Group Party Committee organized a visit to Qingdao anti-corruption education base


The anti-corruption campaign has always been relentless, and the anti-corruption and anti-change alarm bells have been ringing. In order to thoroughly implement the requirements of comprehensive and strict governance of the party, strengthen the construction of party style and clean government in state-owned enterprises, and improve the awareness of integrity and self-discipline of party members and cadres, on the morning of October 23, 2018, the Rongfa Group Party Committee organized middle-level and above cadres and some party members to visit Qingdao's anti-corruption education The base carried out a vivid party class on clean government education.

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Walking into the exhibition hall, everyone listened carefully to the on-site explanation, visited the exhibition areas such as "foresight and wise decision-making" and "taking the case as the warning bell", personally experienced the "warning room" and "dress mirror", watched the documentary on warning education, and learned about typical cases of anti-corruption and building a clean government through various forms such as written historical materials, case analysis, video and so on. Every picture, every object, every video, shocking, thought-provoking, bring you a strong shock and deep vigilance.

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After the visit, everyone said that in the future work, study and life, we will build the party building brand of "Sunshine Melting and Dedication" as the main line, and closely focus on the national strategic deployment of the New District Working Committee on undertaking military-civilian integration. Responsibility, focus on the main business, strengthen the sense of opportunity, responsibility, efficiency, integrity and dedication, take the lead in demonstrating, and set an example, know awe, guard against fear, keep the bottom line, maintain sunshine and righteousness, carry forward positive energy, implement the strategic tasks of the new area with the spirit of hammering nails, strive to build a national first-class professional investment platform for military-civilian integration, and provide strategic support and important guarantee for the construction of the core area of the military-civilian integration innovation zone and the leading area for the conversion of new and old kinetic energy in the new area.

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