Rongfa Group Successfully Completed the Market Operation of the First Qingdao Military-civilian Integration Achievement Exhibition


From October 10th to October 14th, 2018, the first 2018 Qingdao Military-civilian Integration Technology Innovation Achievement Exhibition with the theme of "Integration and Innovation" was successfully held in Qingdao World Expo City. As the first large-scale exhibition in the field of military-civilian integration in Shandong, this exhibition attracted nearly 400 units such as central military industry groups and military science and technology colleges to participate in the exhibition, comprehensively displaying the achievements of military-civilian integration science and technology innovation, with an exhibition area of 40000 square meters. 24 military-civilian integration projects with a total investment of 32 billion yuan have been signed, and a platform for military-government-enterprise, industry-university-research docking cooperation, exchange and mutual learning, and collaborative innovation, and collaborative innovation.



As the main co-organizer of the exhibition, Qingdao Military-civilian Integration Development Group also undertook the market-oriented operation of the exhibition, and made positive contributions to the success of the exhibition in a more market-oriented way.




Attach great importance to it and push it forward. In accordance with the deployment arrangements of the exhibition organizing committee and the New District Working Committee Management Committee, Rongfa Group attaches great importance to the market-oriented operation of this exhibition. The main person in charge of the group has held several special working meetings to study deployment. Adhere to overall planning, clarify tasks at different levels, and consolidate responsibilities level by level, and build a working mechanism for the general dispatch of the main person in charge, the coordination and promotion of the person in charge, and the specific implementation of relevant departments, forming a joint force for the market-oriented operation of the exhibition.
Active docking, enhance cooperation. The working team responsible for market-oriented operation of Rongfa Group took the initiative to strengthen the docking with the organizing committee, exhibitors and strategic cooperation units, conducted in-depth communication on the exhibition publicity resources and publicity advantages for many times, and finally successfully reached strategic cooperation with more than 20 units, creating an atmosphere of cooperation, cooperation and win-win results.
Strengthen the service, improve the effect. Rongfa Group makes full use of various publicity and promotion platforms such as radio, television, newspapers, the Internet, WeChat, Weibo, promotional videos, ticketing, conference journals, visiting brochures, and on-site advertising resources of the exhibition to provide a three-dimensional publicity and promotion platform for strategic cooperation units. At the same time, under the coordination of the organizing committee and the propaganda department of the new area, the exhibition has been widely reported by people's daily, Xinhua news agency, PLA Daily, CCTV, Shandong daily, Shandong TV station, Qingdao daily, Qingdao TV station and other central, provincial and municipal mainstream media, and has been unanimously recognized by provincial and municipal leaders, military representatives, scientific research institutions, experts and scholars, exhibitors and visitors, to improve and spread the strategic cooperation unit visibility and reputation has brought good results.



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