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Positive energy! Rongfa Group Launching Team Development Training

In order to strengthen the construction of the group's staff team, enhance the mutual communication among the staff, and cultivate and exercise the team spirit and cooperation consciousness, on the morning of July 14, Rongfa Group jointly launched the 2018 team development training in Jinsha Beach with Kaitou Group and Huaou Group.
In summer, the golden beach, blue sky and blue sea, glittering, four events are not only a test of physical strength and endurance, but also a contest of will and a competition of teams. The employees participating in the activities work together and strive to be the first, sweating like rain in the flow of fine sand and successfully completing various challenges.
This team development training not only enhanced the spirit of cooperation among employees, but also tested the quality of time management, division of labor and cooperation, communication and execution of each employee. It also narrowed the distance between Rongfa Group, Kaitou Group and Huaou Group, increased mutual trust and understanding, and injected strong impetus into the high-quality development of Rongfa Group.
In order to climb the peak bravely, the employees of the group trust, encourage and support each other, which fully demonstrates the indomitable and uplifting spirit of Rongfa employees, and inspires the collective sense of honor of each Rongfa employee. Rongfa Group will also strive to write a new chapter in the group's leapfrog development with a more positive attitude, more effective measures, and a more urgent sense of mission.

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