Rongfa Group: The New Year is advancing at the time to break through and promote development.


Live up to the spring, struggling to run. 2021 is the "year of breakthrough" in the new area, and the convening of the mobilization meeting for party building work and project breakthrough in the new area has sounded the charge for breakthroughs in all kinds of work in the region.



The opening is a decisive battle, and the beginning is a sprint. Rongfa Group fully implemented the work plan of the "Breakthrough Year" in the new district, seized the opportunity, quickly resumed work and production, sounded the clarion call of the group's "Economic Benefit Year" in spring, and focused on the development and construction of the core area of Guzhenkou, the promotion of major projects, the consolidation of investment and integration, investment promotion, tax source introduction, capital operation, market-oriented operation and other fields.




At present, the Group's construction of all projects to resume production at the first time, the project site presents a busy scene. At the construction site of the public stadium in the university town in the core area of Guzhenkou, workers are working with large machinery. Since the resumption of the project, the total number of on-site construction has reached 200, and many large-scale equipment have entered the site at the same time. At present, the project has completed an output value of about 0.13 billion yuan, the main civil engineering body has been capped, the secondary structure has been completed by 10%, and the underground garage has been backfilled by 85%. It is expected to be completed within the year. After the completion of the project, a new business card of sports culture in the new area will be created to help the comprehensive development of competitive sports, mass sports and sports industry in the new area.




In addition, the teaching and scientific research areas of the Marine Science Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a key provincial project, have all been completed, and an average of 600 people work at the same time in the six public venues of the university town every day. The faculty apartments, stadiums, marine science and technology museums, and science lecture halls of the Qingdao Science and Education Park of the Chinese Academy of Sciences will also be completed and delivered within this year.




Major projects are an important engine to promote economic growth, industrial upgrading and improvement of people's livelihood in the new area, and are the main carrier for Rongfa Group to serve the development strategy of the new area. This year, Rongfa Group has undertaken the task of project investment and construction with a total investment of 20 billion yuan. At present, 35 projects are under construction, with a planned investment of 4 billion yuan. In order to ensure the completion of the annual tasks on schedule, Rongfa Group, under the leadership of the party building brand of "Sunshine Rongfa, Dedication and Me", has strengthened the concept of time, efficiency and quality on the premise of ensuring production safety and epidemic prevention and control safety, wall chart operations, forced the construction period, accelerated the progress of continued construction and newly started projects, and ensured early completion, early production and early results.



The start is related to the overall situation, and the whole journey is calibrated. Sailing in the Year of the Ox, only struggle can leave a deep mark. Rongfa Group will vigorously carry forward the "three cattle" spirit of "serving the people, innovating and developing pioneering cattle, and working hard for the old cattle", burst out creative tension, maintain the attitude of the progressive, sharpen the ability of the "diamond diamond", train the "iron shoulder" of the director, gather the surging joint force of "nine cattle climbing, all contributing", and fight with the courage to win the decisive battle, we will resolutely win every tough battle, help the high-quality development of the new area, strive to make new achievements and create resplendence on the new journey, and present the 100 anniversary of the founding of the party with outstanding achievements.

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