Rongfa Group: Visiting and Sending Warmth to Build State-owned Enterprises with Temperature


Winter season, accompanied by warmth. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, Rongfa Group actively carried out visits and condolences and assistance activities, arranged the work and life of employees in difficulties, and sent warmth to help old party members and families in difficulties in villages and towns, and built a warm enterprise.



The main person in charge of the group and the leadership team led the condolences team respectively to the families of Hualu Company's employees with living difficulties, Houyinjiagou Village, Hujiaqian Kuang Village, and DongXiabo Village, Liuwang Town, to help the families in the villages and towns, and cordially asked them. The problems encountered in life and work, listen carefully to their difficult demands and wishes, give them confidence and courage, encourage them to live actively, work hard, work hard to overcome difficulties. At the same time, send holiday gifts, condolences and New Year greetings.



In recent years, Rongfa Group has adhered to the party building brand of "Sunshine Rongfa, Dedication with Me", insisted on building a warm enterprise, and always paid attention to the lives of employees in difficulties in the enterprise, forming a warm family atmosphere of mutual help. The group strengthens exchanges and cooperation with the New District Federation of Trade Unions, the Charity Federation and the Red Cross, broadens assistance channels, builds a caring platform, and various grassroots party organizations and trade unions establish family file management for employees in difficulties, strengthen contact services, implement various policies, and do as much as possible. Strive for more help. In addition, the group actively fulfills its social responsibility, cares about the revitalization of the countryside, and does a good job in all kinds of assistance work accurately. The party committee of the group pays return visits from time to time to offer condolences, help solve problems, do a good job in the "homework" of people's livelihood, and demonstrate the responsibility of state-owned enterprises.


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