The main structure of the second phase of the maintenance and protection scientific research office project has been successfully capped.


On November 26, 2020, with the roar of cement pump trucks, the main structure of the second phase (comprehensive office building, scientific research building) of the special equipment (north) maintenance support base constructed by Rongfa Group was successfully capped.



The second phase (comprehensive office building and scientific research building) project of special equipment (north) maintenance and support base is located in the core area of Qingdao guzhenkou, with Shanchuan road in the east and yingshanhong road in the south. the project has a total investment of 0.45 billion yuan, covering a total area of 20 mu and 16 floors above the ground. it adopts the layout of twin towers, of which the scientific research building has a construction area of 19210.67 ㎡, a height of 64.10m, the comprehensive office building area of 19418.02 ㎡, and a height of 64.5m, 2 floors underground, with a construction area of 15272 ㎡. After the completion of the project, it will lay the foundation for the universal, serialized, intelligent and cross-industry production and scientific research base of advantageous special vehicles.



The second phase of the maintenance and protection scientific research office building project is one of the key projects of Rongfa Group's investment battle. It entered the construction site on September 28, 2019. During the construction process, the participating units of the group have successively overcome the compact construction area and limited construction nodes. Difficulties, adopting a 24-hour working system, "52" and "white plus black" working mechanisms, rationally optimizing each construction process, and breaking through the difficulties and blocking points that affect the project advancement with the fastest speed, the construction period was advanced by about a month.



In the next step, Rongfa Group will continue to play the role of a new force in the construction and development of the new area, earnestly achieve high standards and strict requirements to fully promote the project construction process, grasp the speed, and continue to add luster to the growth rate of the group in the fourth quarter.

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