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Rongfa Group Trade Union Held Special Lecture on Model Workers


In order to thoroughly implement the work requirements of Qingdao Federation of trade unions and West Coast New Area Federation of trade unions on "entering enterprises, communities and campuses", give full play to the leading and exemplary role of model workers, and lead the majority of employees to make positive contributions to the construction of four modern, open, dynamic and fashionable new areas, the trade union of Rongfa Group invited Yu Yimu, winner of the "National May 1st Labor Medal", and An Baojie, "Qingdao Model Worker", to give special lectures to the front-line cadres and workers of its Huaan Company and Hualu Highway Engineering Company respectively. Through the combination of sharing stories and interactive communication, the two model workers let everyone feel the spirit of model workers and craftsmen more truly.



Yu Yimu, K1 route driver of Qingdao Zhenqing Bus Group Co., Ltd., winner of the 2017 National May Day Labor Medal.

He came to Huaan Company and used humorous and easy-to-understand language to unreservedly share his insights, experience, practices and mental journey of more than 20 years in the industry. Yu Yimu's work summed up: "Treat elderly passengers with care, treat children with care, treat foreign passengers with enthusiasm, treat special needs with care, and treat picky passengers with patience; Be smart, have a sweeter mouth, smile more and move faster"-known as the "five-heart four-point work method", which has won unanimous praise from everyone.



An Baojie, Deputy Manager of Garden Sanitation Company of West Coast Public Utilities Group, Qingdao City Model Worker 2015-2017.

He came to Hualu Highway Engineering Company, with the theme of "carrying forward the spirit of model workers", and shared his struggle and thoughts in his post in sincere and simple language. An Baojie focused on municipal maintenance, safety production, epidemic protection, social welfare and other aspects, and explained good experiences and good practices in simple terms, calling on employees to take responsibility and act actively to build a "city of craftsmen" and "industrial Internet capital". "Make a positive contribution.



The two model workers demonstrated from different angles the excellent qualities of workers in the new era based on their own duties, love and dedication, forge ahead, and selfless dedication; the majority of cadres and employees have experienced the demeanor of the model workers through zero-distance contact with the representatives of the model workers, and deepened the group employees' love The understanding of the model worker spirit and craftsman spirit of dedication, striving for first-class, being brave in innovation, willing to contribute, striving for perfection, rigorous and dedicated.



Rongfa Group will take this special lecture on model workers as an opportunity to continue to build the party building brand of "Sunshine Rongfa, dedication to me", carry forward the enterprise spirit of "passion, efficiency, innovation and win-win", create a glorious enterprise fashion and a dedication atmosphere of excellence, enhance the centripetal force and cohesion of the majority of cadres and workers, focus on actual results, and do their own responsibilities and work hard to promote the investment and construction of major projects. Speed up the market-oriented operation of state-oriented enterprises, quickly become bigger and stronger, and make greater contributions to promoting the economic and social development of the new district.

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