Rongfa Group successfully issued the first phase of PPN in 2020.


On October 26, 2020, the first issue of PPN "20 Fusion Innovation PPN001" of Rongfa Group in 2020 was successfully issued in the interbank bond market, with an issue size of 0.8 billion billion yuan, an issue period of 3 years and a coupon rate of 4.64 percent. The issue has a subscription multiple of 1.8 times and a coupon rate of 31 bp below the valuation yield of the Chinese bond.



The successful issuance of PPN is a new breakthrough made by Rongfa Group in financing and issuing bonds since the fourth quarter of the decisive battle. It will help the Group to obtain long-term and stable financial support, enhance the ability to guarantee funds, help the New District to implement the national strategy, and promote the construction of key projects and the high-quality development of various businesses of the Group. This issue of bonds has been actively subscribed by investors from all sides, which once again demonstrates the capital market's recognition of the group's strategic layout, comprehensive strength, operating performance, profitability and sustainable development momentum.



Since the beginning of this year, Rongfa Group has overcome the impact of the epidemic, continuously innovated market-based financing models, reasonably controlled financing costs, actively studied and judged financial market trends, and solidly promoted diversified financing. In the next step, Rongfa Group will focus on the overall development of the new area and the high-quality development requirements of enterprises, and focus on the development ideas of "stronger enterprises, better resources, new models, and active markets", and effectively play the leading role of state-owned enterprises to win the new area. The twelve major battles provide a strong guarantee.


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