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Rongfa Group Party Committee: Fulfill the original mission and strengthen the responsibility of state-owned enterprises.

Since the launch of the theme education of "Do not forget your initiative mind, Keeping in mind the mission", the Rongfa Group Party Committee has adhered to the goal orientation, problem orientation and development orientation under the careful guidance of the Ninth Tour Steering Group of the New District Working Committee and District Committee, and has effectively transformed the initial mission into a powerful driving force for accelerating enterprise development, tackling the "investment war" and serving the overall situation of the new district, and has achieved phased results.
Innovative forms of learning to ensure that the theme of education into the mind into the heart
Political firmness stems from theoretical sobriety, and true learning and understanding can be true firmness. The Party Committee of Rongfa Group has established a learning mechanism for the leadership team to guide learning, and party members and cadres to follow learning and help learning. Through theoretical learning center groups, reading classes, "three meetings and one lesson", theme party days, etc., read the original works, learn the original text, and understand the principles. The secretary of the party committee took the lead in giving party lectures, and members of the party committee team and the secretary of the grassroots party branch gave a total of 9 party lectures. All Party members and cadres and workers registered to study the powerful country, each person at least 41 points per day. 110 party members and middle-level cadres registered with the public website "Poster News" and participated in the province's "Party History and National History Knowledge Contest" and achieved excellent results. I listened to the "Report Meeting on the Deeds of Comrade Bielifu", "The Report Meeting of the West Coast New District of the First Group of Qingdao City to Shenzhen to Realize the Training Achievements", and watched the party history educational film "China Has the Communist Party" and the patriotic film "Me and me" "Motherland", "Model 4" special programs, etc., a total of more than 650 people. More than 70 party members and cadres have been organized to visit Qingdao warning education base and Yangjiashanli red education base to review the oath of joining the party under the party's banner. Using WeChat public number, party building work group, enterprise official website, internal magazine and other positions, we have continuously enriched learning carriers and exchanged learning results, forming a learning upsurge in which everyone participates and surpasses learning. 65 young employees submitted applications for joining the party, 15 became party activists, and 3 party activists became probationary party members. Through deepening learning and education, we will continue to build the foundation of faith, supplement the calcium of spirit, stabilize the rudder of thought, and actively promote the integration of learning, thinking, and use, and the unity of knowledge, faith, and practice.
Insist on seeking truth and being pragmatic, and ensure that the theme education goes deep and practical.
In-depth investigation and study, in-depth examination of problems, and implementation of rectification are the key to thematic education. The members of the party committee of Rongfa Group carry forward the spirit of self-revolution with the blade inward, put themselves in, put their responsibilities in, and put their work in, closely focusing on the construction of the "investment war" project, the high-quality development of the enterprise, and the market-oriented operation. Topics, as well as the hot and difficult blocking points of the employees, through in-depth investigation, individual interviews, seminars and exchanges, etc., form 5 research reports, hold research results exchange meeting to form ideological consensus. A special meeting on finding gaps in comparison with the Party Constitution and Party rules will be held to find out the gaps and deficiencies and to clarify the direction and measures for rectification and improvement. Formulate a rectification list for the leadership team, individual leading cadres, and immediately change the rectification list, establish rectification ledgers for 33 problems, and implement sales number management one by one. At present, 14 of the 33 problems have been rectified, and the remaining problems are being rectified and implemented.
Be brave to take responsibility and ensure the effectiveness of thematic education
Taking the opportunity of carrying out thematic education, closely centering on the decision-making and deployment of the Management Committee of the New District Working Committee, we have the courage to take responsibility, dare to show our swords, and take the initiative to pressurize, and launch the activity of "working hard for a hundred days and tackling tough problems in the fourth quarter. In order to make every effort to break through the "one district and three parks" investment conference projects in 86 ancient towns, the group's main person in charge of the general dispatch, team members package key projects. In 10 key projects, including the Marine Science Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the public venues of the Guzhenkou Science and Education Innovation Zone, the Lianxin Fishing Port, and the Rongfa Building, the "Party Member Pioneer Post" and the "Youth Commando" have been set up, and more than 80 party members and young employees are brave. Difficult and dangerous tasks. Regularly organize project managers, directors, and supervisors to conduct centralized observation and dispatch, drive all parties involved in the construction to work together to tackle tough problems, and dispatch more than 4000 construction personnel every day. At present, 26 projects have been completed ahead of schedule, and 60 projects have been accelerated according to the set goals, and the investment plan has actually been exceeded by 1 billion yuan. For the leading platform companies in the national new area, focus on the main responsibility of the main business, through mergers and acquisitions, equity investment, mixed reform and other means, to do a large ship repair, trade, real estate development and other business, to speed up market-oriented operations. From January to October this year, the total assets, operating income, profits and taxes of enterprises doubled compared with the same period last year. Actively carry out labor competitions and "Monthly Star" selection, and a total of 11 teams (departments, subsidiaries, project teams) and more than 90 party members, cadres and employees with outstanding performance have been commended and rewarded, and the group has formed a "big work". Fast "upsurge.
Not forgetting the original intention and keeping the mission in mind is an eternal topic for strengthening party building, and it is also a lifelong topic for party members and cadres in state-owned enterprises. In the next step, the party committee of Rongfa Group will continue to do a good job in learning, "make real efforts" in investigating and laying out problems, "seek practical results" in serious rectification and reform, bravely shoulder the mission of state-owned enterprises, carry forward the spirit of the iron army, and be passionate about starting a business. we will make every effort to tackle the "investment war", promote enterprises to achieve new leaps, and constantly make new contributions to the new areas to undertake national strategies and take the lead in the forefront.


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