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Rongfa Group: Ignite the passion of project construction and play the melody of full sprint.

In 2020, according to the decision and deployment of the New District Working Committee on the investment battle, Rongfa Group has undertaken a total of 53 fixed investment projects in the New District, with a total investment of 18.19 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of 5 billion yuan. Under the normal conditions of epidemic prevention and control, Rongfa Group acted as a new force, arranged the timetable, hung up the battle map, "attacked the mountain top and bombed the bunker", and made every effort to promote the construction of major projects and investment in the work of the integration. From January to August, all the projects undertaken by the group progressed smoothly, with a cumulative investment of 5.828 billion yuan and 117 of the annual plan.


Keep an eye on the problem to overcome the difficult project construction rapid progress



Recently, at the construction site of the science lecture hall project of public venues in the university town of Guzhenkou fusion area, workers are carrying out outdoor paving landscape greening and indoor installation construction, marking the final stage of the project. As the first public venue to start construction in Guzhenkou University Town, the group has carried out work rapidly since the project started, and the progress has been constantly refreshed. The total investment of the project is 0.248 billion yuan, with a total construction area of 27000 square meters. The construction content includes Building A and Building B, of which the science lecture hall A and Building B are connected through a cross-street corridor.



The outer contours of the science lecture hall project are all irregular in shape, with a large amount of construction work and many uncertain factors on the site. According to the original construction drawings, it has been impossible to realize the local practice, which has brought some resistance to the construction. "It is specifically reflected in the unclear practice and actual relationship between the drawings found during the construction of the junction position between the steps on the south side of the science lecture hall and the building body," said Ding Yu, project manager of the group.



In order to solve this difficult problem, Rongfa Group organized the project manager, construction unit, scheme design unit, construction drawing design unit and group planning and design department to set up a temporary coordination group on site. Through on-site actual survey and digital modeling, the real image of the handover position was displayed, thus ensuring the timely and smooth progress of the project.



The smooth progress of the science lecture hall project is the epitome of the construction of key projects of Rongfa Group. Since the start of the investment battle in the new area, the group has sorted out all the projects under construction, made clear the construction time node, and arranged the timetable for the promotion of the projects, so as to realize the comprehensive deployment, scientific arrangement and rapid promotion.


Flipchart Combat Rapid Action  Participating in the construction of the project



Entering the "golden period" of construction in autumn, Rongfa Group scrambled to grasp the weather, opened its full power, and grasped the quick work. The projects under construction in Guzhenkou showed a hot construction scene.



Entering the construction site of the second phase (comprehensive office building, scientific research building) of the special equipment (North) maintenance support base, the main body of the project is carrying out concrete pouring operations, transport vehicles come and go, and the staff are busy wearing helmets and holding tools. The project is located to the north of Yingshanhong Road, to the east of Innovation Road 1, to the south of Science and Technology Road 2 and to the west of Shanchuan Road in the West Coast New District. The design scale is large, with a total land area of 7626.6 ㎡, a floor area ratio of 2.0 and a construction area of 54288.09 ㎡, including 15272 ㎡ underground, 39016.09 ㎡ above ground and a total investment of 0.45 billion.



According to the project manager Pang Pengzhang, since the resumption of work on February 21, the project department has actively organized manpower and material resources, increased the number of construction personnel and shifts, interspersed with various professional teams, reasonably planned the construction area and flow operations, and made every effort to promote the project. At present, the pile foundation and underground part of the project have been successfully completed, and the civil engineering has been completed to the 6th floor of the main body, with an output value of about 70 million yuan.



The same hot construction scene, also appeared in the ancient town of science and technology incubation center construction site. At present, the main structure of the center of the No.1 complex building has been capped, and the main body of the No.2 complex building has been constructed to the 10th floor. The original plan was to cap in early October, but the main body has been capped ahead of schedule.



Since the launch of the "decisive battle in the third quarter" campaign in July this year, Rongfa Group has reversed the construction period and wall chart operations, taking September 30 as the time node to reverse the progress, refining the schedule of each project to a week, realizing weekly scheduling and monthly summary, setting off a construction upsurge of "catching up with and surpassing learning. Under the premise of ensuring safety and quality, each participating project will carry out construction operations simultaneously at multiple points to ensure that the project has daily progress, weekly changes, and monthly new looks.



At present, the provincial key project, the Marine Science Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is undergoing indoor and outdoor decoration and outdoor supporting construction. The 17 faculty apartments in Qingdao Science and Education Park of the Chinese Academy of Sciences will be capped in 10 months. The fishing and cargo market of Lianxin Fishing Port will be completed and accepted at the end of August. The No.2 complex building of Qingdao Light Power Research Institute R & D Center will be completed. The environmental improvement project of Yangjiashanli pastoral complex is underway...


Party flag flutters in the front line, Party members shine in the front line.



The university city public stadium and gymnasium project is one of the key projects promoted by Rongfa Group. The total investment of the project is 0.74 billion yuan, with a total construction area of 73000 square meters. Gymnasiums, stadiums and swimming pools are set up. After completion, it can not only meet the needs of national individual competitions, provincial and municipal regional comprehensive sports games, but also meet the needs of national fitness exercise. Since the start of construction, the project supervision team led by the Group Chief Engineer's Office has gone to the construction site every day to supervise safety production and progress.



Only by going deep into the front line can we find the problem and push forward the project progress faster. To this end, Rongfa Group has thoroughly implemented the "front-line work method". Party members and cadres have taken the initiative to join the front line. When encountering problems, they have organized various departments to solve them on the spot. They do not wait, simplify the process, and deploy the combat surface to the construction front line.



Under the guidance of the group's "sunshine and dedication" party building brand, the project site set up "party member vanguard post" and "youth commando", set up a temporary party branch within the project, absorb front-line party members into the temporary party branch, give full play to the role of "party building project", realize the party building and business, project, highly integrated and promote each other.



In addition, actively carry out activities such as "law popularization into construction sites", "joint prevention of risks, and joint construction of integrity" to promote the construction of the legal system of enterprises and the construction of clean state-owned enterprises, and create a clean and healthy development environment.



In the next step, Rongfa Group will, in accordance with the unified deployment of the new district, take out its "tiger strength", give full play to its platform advantages, demonstrate the responsibility of state-owned enterprises, promote the construction of major projects and achieve new breakthroughs in investment and integration, and contribute to the development and construction of the ancient town and the high-quality development of the new district!

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