Completion acceptance of fishing goods market in Lianxin fishing port

Recently, the Lianxin Fishing Port Fishing Goods Market invested and built by Rongfa Group successfully completed the acceptance and delivered to Zhaoke Village in Binhai Street, which is expected to be officially put into use on August 20.



The Lianxin Fishing Port Fishing Market Project is the first phase of the renovation of Lianxin Fishing Port. It is also a participating project included in the "investment battle" in the new district in the Guzhenkou Fusion Zone. It is located to the east of Sansha Road in the Guzhenkou Fusion Zone and is close to Zhaike Village. It is constructed by Rongfa Group with a total investment of 65 million yuan and a total construction area of 8152 square meters.



The project is a two-story building. The first floor is the chilled fishing goods sales area, and the second floor is the dry goods sales area. There are more than 120 stalls. It will build an aquatic product that integrates live, fresh, frozen and dry aquatic products. The distribution center provides consumers with a safe, hygienic and convenient trading environment. After it is put into use, it is estimated that the annual trading volume of aquatic products will be 1000 tons and the trading volume will be 50 million yuan, which will drive 500 jobs.



During the construction process, Rongfa Group overcame the impact of the epidemic and complex geology, innovated construction methods, scientifically and rationally organized manpower and machinery, and promoted the smooth completion of the project through dock repair and renovation, road surface accumulation garbage cleaning, water supply and sewage pipeline construction, main capping, indoor decoration, outdoor engineering and other work.

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