Hualu Company 4000 Mixer "Oil to Gas" Project Launching


Recently, Qingdao Hualu Highway Engineering Co., Ltd. asphalt mixing station 4000 type mixing machine "oil to gas" transformation project was successfully completed.



"Oil to gas" technology is to replace diesel oil and heavy oil with natural gas, and use natural gas in asphalt mixing stations after low temperature treatment of minus 162 degrees to replace heavy oil, diesel and other fuels. As we all know, natural gas has the characteristics of high fuel value, fast temperature increase, no pollution, and low cost. The "oil-to-gas" technology will transform the traditional mixing station from high energy consumption and high pollution to low energy consumption and zero emission, and further improve The environmental protection level of the mixing station reduces the failure rate of mechanical equipment, extends the service life of the equipment, and can also increase the heat utilization efficiency by 10% to 20%. After preliminary estimation, the 4000 type mixer adopts the "oil to gas" technology, which will greatly save energy consumption cost.



In the next step, Hualu Company will continue to carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship and iron army while accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise, strive to be first-class, and continue to make positive contributions to the development of highway construction in the new area.

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