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Entering the exhibition hall, the theme of the soul of the army is another red party day.


The flag of the windward hunting
Flying high in the Chinese sky.
The army is strong and the country is safe, and the country is vast.
Chinese soldiers in military uniforms carrying heavy loads.
With the backbone to carry the burden of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation
Guarding the peace and happiness of every family's lights in the Chinese dream.
On the eve of the August 1st Army Day
To learn the heroic deeds of the revolutionary predecessors
Strengthen the new area network people love the party and patriotic feelings
Rongfa Group and West Coast New District Network People's Association
Co-organising the "Explore the West Coast" event
Entering Guzhenkou Patriotism Education Base
Together to pursue the red memory.
Retired Military Honor Pavilion
In the Guzhenkou fusion area, there is a place that is particularly eye-catching-retired military honor pavilion.
The honorary pavilion of retired soldiers, with the brand of "leading the party flag and loud bugle", comprehensively shows the history, current situation and future of the West Coast New area from the three themes of "never forget the original ideal and ambition", "building a new dream" and "making new achievements.
The glass booth contains the medals and honors of the older generation of revolutionary soldiers, recording the missions and responsibilities of the soldiers during the war, and praising the Chinese soldiers!
Naval Military History Museum
The Netcom and his party first came to the Naval History Museum in the Naval Park, where the history of the development of the ancient Chinese navy, the history of the development of the Chinese People's Liberation Army navy, and the achievements of navy construction in the new era, from the birth of the new Chinese navy to the Chinese navy's entry into the "dark blue" Great voyage.
Famous naval battles such as the "August 6 naval battle", "the naval battle of Yijiangshan Island" and "the naval battle to the east of Chongwu" have played national prestige and demonstrated the soul of the army, making people excited.
Old Camp Exhibition Room
The last stop came to the old barracks national defense education base.
This used to be a company base. In the age of blood, talents always come forth in large numbers. From here came the heroic model Wang Chaoping, the poet Xu Congquan and General Li Cunbao, the author of "The Wreath Under the Mountain.
The touching photos, the yellowed objects, seem to be back to the prosperous years of the year.
Now as a patriotic education base, youth training base and enterprise expansion base, the old camp exhibition room still retains the characteristics of the army.
The Guzhenkou Fusion Zone and Rongfa Group actively inherited the red gene, told the story of integration well, and practiced the new district spirit of "try first, be good at doing good". From the honor exhibition hall of retired soldiers to the Naval History Museum and the old camp room, everyone received a profound patriotic education, told the story of the new district well with practical actions, and helped the new district develop online new economy.
August 1st Army Day, let's pay tribute to the Chinese soldiers together!

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