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"Save" in the side, "protect" aviation life-Rongfa Group to carry out emergency rescue training

Today is the 93rd anniversary of the August 1st Army Day. Soldiers are the feelings of a generation. Many people have the goal of life to be able to wear military uniforms and defend their homes and the country! How many young people, for our motherland, they guard the plateau, desert, island reef; they fight in the peacekeeping battlefield and the front line of disaster relief; they guard the lights of thousands of homes and protect peace and tranquility for us. As long as there is danger, there will be Chinese soldiers. They are our most solid backing!


On the occasion of the August 1st Army Day, in order to further promote the in-depth development of integration and innovation, and enhance the ability of employees to avoid emergency and save themselves and each other, on July 31, a unique "emergency rescue training" was held in the conference room on the second floor of the Guzhenkou Industrial Building of Rongfa Group. With the assistance and support of the District Red Cross, 31 veterans, military wives and employee representatives from Rongfa Group have carefully studied and mastered emergency rescue knowledge and skills.



Through this training, it not only improved everyone's emergency awareness and self-help and mutual rescue ability in the face of emergencies and accidental injuries, but also enhanced everyone's sense of awe for life and the sense of social responsibility of taking the initiative to help. Rescue knowledge is spread to more people, used to help those in need, and pass on love.


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