Rongfa Group: Striving for New Breakthroughs in Development in the Third Quarter



In the first half of 2020, in accordance with the decision and deployment of the New District Working Committee Management Committee, Rongfa Group, as the main force in the development and construction of Guzhenkou, successively carried out the activities of "Fighting the Epidemic, Sprint for the First Quarter" and "Double Month Battle". Major breakthroughs have been made in various tasks. In order to further accelerate development, improve standing, and create a new situation in work, Rongfa Group took advantage of the situation, promote the construction of major projects and investment in the work of the new area to achieve new breakthroughs and serve the overall development of the new area.


Qingdao Blue Equipment Project Process






Entering the construction sites of various projects of Rongfa Group, the high temperature in summer did not stop everyone's enthusiasm for work. As a key project in Qingdao in 2020, Qingdao Blue Equipment has been successfully delivered and put into use recently, 90 days earlier than the contract period.


Faculty Apartment of Qingdao Science and Education Park, Chinese Academy of Sciences






"Tour Blade -2020" (Qingdao) Micro Underwater Unmanned Platform Challenge




As the contractor of the supporting project of the first national micro-small underwater unmanned platform challenge, Rongfa Group responded positively and made full efforts to basically complete the construction of the project in only 20 days from the entry to the present, and other work has also entered the final stage.



And this is just a microcosm of the group's project construction. At present, people and machines are working 24 hours a day at the project site. The workers are working hard to "work two days a day", and the construction site is "one day at a time". On the basis of ensuring the overall quality of the project, it demonstrates the "melting speed".



At present, the clarion call for the third quarter has been sounded. Rongfa Group will take the initiative to attack, based on reality, identify shortcomings, and go all out to make full use of project construction, investment and integration, financing and bond issuance, and market-oriented operations. Power, pioneering and innovative, and make new contributions to the completion of the economic and social development goals and tasks of the new district.


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