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The Party Committee of Economic Control Group Held a Commendation Meeting to Commemorate the 99th Anniversary of the Founding of the Party and a Special Party Class on July 1


"Burn passion, take responsibility, become bigger and stronger, and build a new district!" On the morning of June 30, 2020, on the occasion of the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, according to the unified deployment of the Central Committee, the provincial Party committee, the municipal Party committee and the new district working committee, the Party committee of the economic control group organized a commendation meeting to commemorate the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the "July 1" special party class activities to commemorate the party's birthday, commend the advanced and set up a model, we should play an exemplary role, actively take on the role, promote the group's work to make new breakthroughs at the starting point, and make new contributions to the implementation of the four national strategies and winning the twelve major battles in the new area. Members of the leadership team of the Economic Control Group and its affiliated enterprises, cadres above the middle-level deputy level and all party members participated in the activity.





At the beginning of the activity, more than 200 party members gathered under the party's banner. Under the oath of Zhang Jinlou, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the group, they reviewed the oath of joining the party, reviewed the party's struggle, recalled the original intention of joining the party, and remembered the identity of party members. The solemn and solemn ceremony and the sonorous and powerful oath made every party member baptized by the soul and injected stronger faith into the future work.






Then, the meeting commended 6 advanced grassroots party organizations, 22 outstanding party members, 5 outstanding party workers and 4 party member vanguard posts. Representatives of the international trade party branch of the award-winning advanced collective economic control group, the project management party branch of the open investment group (the shed reform office of the open investment group) and the party branch of the engineering center of the financing group made speeches at the meeting and shared their work insights and experiences with everyone.



Subsequently, Zhang Jinlou, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the group, gave a special party class for all party members with the theme of "the responsibilities and responsibilities of party members and cadres in state-owned enterprises.



When reviewing the work in the first half of the year, the party class pointed out that 2020 is extremely extraordinary and unusual for the economic control group and its affiliated enterprises. In the first half of the year, all party members, cadres and workers of the group closely focused on the decision-making and deployment of the "12 major battles" of the New District Working Committee Management Committee and the group's annual goals and tasks. On the basis of epidemic prevention and control, they quickly promoted the resumption of work and production and market-oriented operations, creating a new situation for enterprise development. The main economic indicators all exceeded the goals of more than half of the time and more than half of the task, in serving the overall situation of the development of the new area, it shows the responsibility and responsibility of the economic control group as a state-owned enterprise, and reflects the centripetal force, cohesion and combat effectiveness of the economic control person as a party member and cadre of the state-owned enterprise.



First, we should pay close attention to quick work, overcome difficulties, and promote new breakthroughs in the construction of major projects and the work of investment and integration. The construction of 85 fixed investment projects has accelerated, and the completed investment is expected to exceed 13 billion, accounting for 88% of the Group's annual statistics.




The second is to explore and innovate, operate steadily, and promote the market-oriented operation of state-owned enterprises to achieve new breakthroughs. Overcoming the impact of the epidemic has led to counter-trend growth. The group's total assets increased by about 33% compared with the beginning of the year. Operating income and profits and taxes increased by 180 and 110 respectively compared with the same period last year.




The third is self-pressurization, raising the target, and promoting new breakthroughs in attracting investment. Use domestic capital of 1.03 billion yuan to achieve 103 per cent of the annual target; use foreign capital of 64 million US dollars to achieve 91.5 per cent of the annual target.



Fourth, capital operation, multi-point layout, to promote investment and financing work to achieve new breakthroughs. Continue to implement mergers and acquisitions, equity investment, mixed reform, holding Shi Dashenghua and other listed companies, participation in Kunlun Green Construction, Deshengli and other proposed listed enterprises, to improve the influence of the capital market. Using a variety of financing channels, more than 15 billion of the credit granted by financial institutions has been obtained, which provides a strong financial guarantee for the group's market-oriented operation and service development strategy of the new area.



The fifth is to introduce internal and external links, complement each other's advantages, and promote the group's strategic cooperation to achieve new breakthroughs. It has established strategic partnerships with more than 50 state-owned enterprises and industry leaders, giving full play to their respective advantages in platforms, resources and brands, and working together for mutual benefit and win-win results to help the high-quality development of the new district.



The sixth is to lead the party building, start a business, and promote the group's brand influence to achieve new breakthroughs. Practicing the party building brand of "Sunshine Economic Control, Dedication and Me", carrying forward the corporate spirit of "passion, efficiency, innovation, and win-win", one level with one level of work, one level of work to the other, forming a strong dedication and dedication The entrepreneurial atmosphere of the officer shows the new style and new image of the state-owned enterprise. Enterprise groups and individuals have won more than 20 honors (times).


The party class pointed out that for party members and cadres, responsibility and responsibility are party spirit is style, ability is wisdom, quality is mind, character is courage, character is morality. For state-owned enterprises, responsibility and responsibility are the basic requirements for party members and cadres to lead and promote the reform of state-owned enterprises. The seventh plenary meeting of the first session of the New District Working Committee and District Committee held not long ago pointed out that the district-owned state-owned enterprises are the new force in the construction and development of the new district. They must continue to give full play to the advantages of state-owned enterprises, shoulder their responsibilities, and bravely shoulder their missions, so as to be able to draw, rush, and win.


Facing the new situation and new tasks of economic and social development, and facing the new expectations and new requirements of the New District Working Committee Management Committee, the party class calls on all party members, cadres and employees to base themselves on the reality of state-owned enterprises and closely focus on the decision-making and deployment of the Working Committee Management Committee. Work, bravely shoulder heavy burdens, strive to be pioneers, turn pressure into motivation, turn challenges into opportunities, and launch a strong charge towards goals and tasks. It is necessary to carry out in-depth "three to three creations and three improvements"-to compare passion, efficiency, hard work, innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity, enhance learning ability, enhance professionalism, enhance exploration courage, and strive to create a new situation for the rapid and healthy development of the group. The new district won the twelve major battles, accelerated the implementation of the national strategy, and took the lead in making new contributions.


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