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Rongfa Group Party Committee Launching Activities of "Visiting and Sympathy to Help Old Party Members in Villages"


On June 28, on the occasion of the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, in order to actively respond to the call of the New District Working Committee, the Party Committee of Rongfa Group organized the activity of "visiting and helping old party members in towns and villages. Wang Wenjing, deputy secretary of the party Committee of the group, led the consolation team to go deep into the group's helping towns and villages, hujiaqian village, dongxiabo village, liuwang town, and hou yinjiagou village, visiting the old party members and sending them the care and blessing of the party and the government. Accompanied by members of the Group's Rural Revitalization Task Force and the First Secretary of the Village.



At the homes of veteran party members, the condolences team asked them about their physical and family living conditions, understood the difficulties and problems in life, and listened to their opinions and suggestions on the participation of state-owned enterprises in rural revitalization. At the same time, on behalf of the party committee of the group, he extended holiday greetings and blessings to the old party members, and sent them condolences. Subsequently, he urged the group's "first secretary" in the village to take care of the lives of old party members and help them solve practical problems encountered in life.



In the next step, Rongfa Group will, in accordance with the deployment of the work Committee of the New District Working Committee on rural revitalization, assume the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises, give full play to the advantages of project construction, resources, and platforms, combine actual conditions, and implement precise policies to help towns and villages improve infrastructure and speed up Industrial cultivation and expansion of income-increasing channels continue to inject new impetus.

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