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Zongxiang Words Dragon Boat Festival Tradition Lead to Civilization-Rongfa Group's Dragon Boat Festival Traditional Cultural Activities Successfully

A few yellow plum rains, and the special side has another heavy five." The Dragon Boat Festival, a folk festival that has been circulating for more than two thousand years, has gone through the smoke and clouds of a vast history, inheriting a cultural atmosphere of singing and patriotic poems. In the ups and downs of the years, it is like a gorgeous rainbow. Reflecting the ancient civilization with a long history.


Qingqing Ai Xiang floating Dragon Boat Festival, thick feeling rice dumpling is feeling. This situation is the same as Kyushu, and thousands of families are happy and happy.



In order to further guide Rongfa people to feel the charm of traditional culture, understand traditional festivals, identify with traditional festivals, love traditional festivals, enhance the feelings of loving the party, patriotism, and socialism, strengthen their own team building, enhance team cohesion, and stimulate the passion of the majority of employees to start a business. Give full play to the carrier role of traditional festivals in promoting Chinese excellent traditional culture, June 20, 2020, as the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, rongfa Group organized more than 60 cadres, employees and their families to carry out the theme activity of "Zongxiang Talk about Dragon Boat Festival Tradition and Civilization.


Taste the fragrance of rice dumplings and feel the festival culture



In order to inherit the traditional custom of eating zongzi during the Dragon Boat Festival, the group's cadres, employees and their families first came to the Guzhenkou National Defense Education Base to carry out interactive experience activities of wrapping zongzi. Everyone did it by themselves, adjusting raw materials, smoothing zongzi leaves, filling glutinous rice, and tightly bundling them. ...... With great enthusiasm, I exchanged the skills of wrapping zongzi, and felt the strong traditional cultural charm in the fragrance of zongzi leaves, it inspires the emotion of loving "our festival.


Play throwing pot sachet with colored rope shooting five poisons



In addition to making zongzi, the Dragon Boat Festival also has many unique cultural elements. In order to deepen everyone's understanding of traditional culture, the group has carried out "shooting five poisons", "throwing pot competition", "wormwood sachet production", "colorful rope", "Dot realgar" and other folk-style interesting interactive links, so that employees can deeply feel the profoundness of Chinese traditional culture in the activities, promote family exchanges, and enhance employee's sense of unity and cooperation.


Stimulate patriotic feelings call for mission



Cadres, workers and their families visited the Naval History Exhibition Hall in the Guzhenkou Fusion Innovation Zone. Through the explanation of the commentator, watching the physical objects, pictures and other historical materials, everyone, especially the young people, experienced the spirit of the maritime pioneer, the spirit of Nansha, and the spirit of the sea and air eagle, felt the development process of the new Chinese navy towards a strong development, and remembered the revolutionary martyrs. The great achievements have inherited the spirit of patriotism, strengthened the awareness of ocean and sea power, and strengthened the belief in safeguarding the country's maritime rights and interests.


Green leaves of rice dumplings white glutinous rice

A string of zongzi wrapped in the deep warmth of the big family of Rongfa Group

Hand-made rice dumplings

Is the best taste of the Dragon Boat Festival


Here in advance, I wish everyone a happy Dragon Boat Festival and good health.

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