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EAP Studio, a psychological assistance project for employees in the new district, was first established in Rongfa Group.


In order to promote the overall improvement of the psychological care work of the group's employees, on the morning of may 30, the "EAP studio" for the employees of the financing group was inaugurated. Zhang Zonglan, party secretary and chairman of the Women's Federation of the West Coast New area, Chen Wei, deputy secretary of the party committee and general manager of Rongfa Group, and representatives of cadres, workers and their families attended the unveiling ceremony.



Before the ceremony, under the leadership of Huang Huai, senior family education instructor, director of Qingdao Family Education Research Association and Secretary General of West Coast New Area Family Education Research Association, more than 60 employees and their families of the group jointly carried out the theme salon activities of "I love my family-building a harmonious home with love" and "love family, always follow each other-happy family intimate relationship", It has strengthened the centripetal force of the fusion family.


The "Employee Mental Health Service (EAP)" project is a systematic, comprehensive and long-term service project with psychology as the core and supported by management and behavior. General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward at the 2016 National Health and Health Conference: "It is necessary to increase basic research on mental health issues, do a good job in mental health knowledge and mental illness science, and standardize the development of mental health services such as psychotherapy and psychological counseling." On December 30, 2016, 22 units including the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the Central Propaganda Department and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Strengthening Mental Health Services", and mental health services have risen to the national strategic level.


At present, Qingdao has successfully built the "Qingdao model" of EAP service ". Rongfa Group keeps up with the pace of the times, has the courage to innovate, actively builds a corporate culture with Rongfa characteristics, promotes the implementation of integrated and innovative humanistic achievements, and takes the lead in establishing employee psychological assistance projects in the region, demonstrating the humanistic care and responsibility of state-owned enterprises.



"Employees are the cornerstone of the enterprise, the family is the cell of society, and the development of the enterprise and the development of employees are unified. Family harmony is social stability, family happiness is social harmony, and family civilization is social civilization." After the establishment of EAP Studio, Rongfa Group will give full play to its role, effectively resolve employees' daily mental confusion and potential mental health hazards, build a team of cadres and workers with both professional and psychological qualities, improve employee happiness index, build a bridge between employees, families and enterprises, build a warm enterprise, make the group bigger and stronger rapidly, and contribute more wisdom and strength to the implementation of the national strategy of integration and innovation in the new district.

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