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Each does its duty to grasp the implementation of coordinated operations to achieve actual results

State-owned enterprises in functional areas, towns and streets focus on actual results and actively implement the spirit of the whole committee.



On May 21, the seventh plenary meeting of the first session of the Working Committee (District Committee) was held, which pointed out the direction and path for the high-quality development of the new district. The meeting proposed that the ten major functional areas should be the main force, the towns and streets should fight the positional warfare, the departments should be the front army, and the state-owned enterprises should be the new force, focusing on actual results, fulfilling their responsibilities, and working hard to comprehensively improve the implementation effect. The trumpets have been blown and the drums of war are hastening the journey. The four "combat teams" will work together to play the strongest voice of hard work, hard work, and struggle on the west coast.



■ Functional area

Be a good main force to show great achievements

As the main battlefield of the economic development of the West Coast New area, 60% of the projects, 70% of the investment and 70% of the land indicators are concentrated in the large functional area, which is the main force to promote the economic development of the new area.


"Dongjiakou Economic Zone is a key sector in the city's" 15 offensives ". We will be the main force and show great achievements in promoting the high-quality development of the new area." Liu Shaming, member of the Dongjiakou Economic Zone Working Committee and deputy director of the Management Committee, said.
The West Coast New Area is an important national oil reserve base, and the Dongjiakou crude oil commercial reserve base project has been fully completed. "Oil head" already has, around the "tail" industrial chain layout, Dongjiakou Economic Zone is also in full swing.
"In the next step, we will focus on the layout of the 'end of the huayu', prepare a high-level chemical park construction plan, implement the park's 'five integrations' construction with high standards, and build a first-class modern intelligent green chemical park. At the same time, we will promote the modernization of the governance system and governance capacity, strengthen safety and environmental protection supervision, and improve emergency response capacity." Liu Shaming said.
Since this year, China Radio and Television Qingdao 5G High-tech Video Experimental Park, located in Lingshan Bay Film and Television Cultural Industry Zone, has accelerated the entry and operation of contracted enterprises, signing 46 high-tech video enterprises such as Huawei, BOE, Jebsen Century Technology and Langchao. Actively promote the construction of Qingdao Bingjian Global Talent Market Allocation Center and have introduced 24 headhunting companies. Accelerate the introduction of talent teams and promote the establishment of Qingdao 5G Video Industry Development Research Institute (high-tech think tank).
"At present, the high-tech video R & D and production area has been completed and used, the main body of 38 customized office buildings in the corporate headquarters gathering area is capped, and the construction of secondary structures and curtain walls is being accelerated, and commercial, hotel and other supporting facilities are about to be completed. The park's smart construction and operation plan has been completed to accelerate the construction of the smart park." Liu Tongrui, deputy commander-in-chief of the development and construction headquarters of Lingshan Bay Film and Television Cultural Industry Zone, said that in the next step, 41 commandos will be set up in Lingshan Bay Film and Television Cultural Industry Zone, with the commander of the commando taking overall responsibility and the captain of the combat division taking their own responsibilities. focus on key tasks, establish goal orientation, mobilize elite troops and strong generals, and launch offensive operations.
■ Town Street
Make new contributions to fighting positional warfare.
The meeting pointed out that "the work of towns and streets is a link between the preceding and the following. It is a front line for implementing the decision-making and deployment of the Working Committee Management Committee. It is a front line for promoting development, maintaining stability, and benefiting the people's livelihood. It is a position for practical work, testing cadres, and training cadres. The status is very important." In this regard, Dong Huafeng, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Changjiang Road Street, was deeply touched.
"The convening of the meeting sounded the" Charge "for the decisive battle. The Changjiang Road Street Party Working Committee will focus on the 12 major battles, fight a good positional battle, and make new contributions and show new responsibilities for the high-quality economic and social development of the new district." Dong Huafeng said.
Changjiang Road Street will focus on high-quality economic development, take "double recruitment and double introduction" as the "first battlefield" of economic work, accelerate the introduction and cultivation of emerging intelligent industries such as big data, cloud computing and block chain, vigorously develop headquarters economy, building economy and fashion economy, and strive to create characteristic commercial street circle. Focus on maintaining safe and stable operations, in view of the epidemic prevention and control of the exposed shortcomings and shortcomings, promote 5G, blockchain and other scientific and technological applications to empower social governance, and build an intelligent, systematic and professional emergency prevention and control system. Focus on ensuring and improving people's livelihood, solidly carry out the theme activity of "I love Qingdao, I love new area", and continue to do a good job in people's livelihood. Focus on strengthening the leadership of party building to tackle tough battles, take party building to lead the improvement of property service level as the starting point, weave a dense community party organization grid, and unite the grassroots governance efforts.
■ Department
Be a good front army and dare to fight hard battles.
As a front army in the industrial field on the west coast, the District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology is a team that dares to fight tough battles and can win battles.
In 2020, the new coronary pneumonia epidemic will have an impact on all aspects of the economy and society, with the brunt of the impact on businesses. "Every key enterprise drives the development of a piece of small, medium and micro supporting enterprises. The development of key large enterprises is stable, and the economic development of the new district will be stable." After listening to the report on the operation of the industrial economy on the west coast from January to April, Xie Longmu, director of the district bureau of industry and information technology, said for a moment. In the face of the "hard bone" of economic development under the influence of the epidemic, the District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology assumed the task of the front army, when the "main attacker" and "vanguard officer", with the spirit of daring to shine the sword to attack the mountain top, bomb the fortress, and win one tough battle after another.
"According to the central government's deployment, we have determined that the current focus is to 'stabilize the stock, promote the increment and guarantee the factors of production', and make every effort to promote the resumption of industrial enterprises to resume production and achieve the smooth operation of the industrial economy." Xie Longmu said that it is necessary to introduce support policies for key industries as soon as possible to help enterprises find orders and expand the market; help small and medium-sized enterprises to overcome difficulties and tide over difficulties from the aspects of "reduction, increase, decrease, slow down, and service"; and make use of existing idle factories and land resources to attract industrial projects to land, so as to realize the introduction, production and integration in the same year. "As the front army in the industrial field on the west coast, we must take the affairs of the enterprise as our own affairs and become a 'family' with the enterprise '." Xie Longmu said.
■ State-owned enterprises
Be a good force to shoulder new mission
"In the process of leading reform and innovation and promoting the high-quality development of the new district, the state-owned enterprises in the district are a well-deserved new force." At the site of the Qingdao Free Trade Global New Consumer Experience Center project, which is about to be put into use, Zhang Jinlou, party secretary and chairman of the Economic Control Group, told reporters that as one of the major state-owned investment and operation platforms on the west coast, the Economic Control Group shoulders the tasks of regional development, construction and operation services such as Qingdao Development Zone, Wangtai New Kinetic Energy Industry Base and Guzhenkou Integration Innovation Zone.
"Since 2020, in the face of 85 fixed investment projects and an annual investment of $15 billion million, we have not waited and relied on to pioneer and innovate, seek opportunities in the midst of crisis, and overcome the impact of the epidemic to quickly resume work and production." Zhang Jinlou said that by organizing more than 10,000 construction workers to work on site every day, 4.6 billion yuan has been invested so far this year. At present, the use of foreign capital and domestic capital in place have achieved 44.8 and 46% of the annual targets respectively. Major economic indicators such as total assets, operating income, profits and taxes of enterprises all increased by more than 50% year on year, realizing a take-off against the trend.
"In the next step, the Economic Control Group will closely focus on the strategic deployment of the Working Committee and Management Committee, work passionately, and make persistent efforts to focus on the construction of six major platforms, including development and construction, double recruitment and double introduction, park operation, front-end guarantee, international trade, and financial investment. Build a domestic first-class state-owned investment and operation platform, and be a new force in the new district to undertake the national strategy and take the lead." Zhang Jinlou said.

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