Jinglu Shipbuilding New 430 Passenger Ship Construction Order

On the morning of March 26, 2020, Rongfa Ship Building Group's Penglai Jinglu Shipping Industry and Long Island Bohai Changtong Travel Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for the "430 Passenger Ship" project. This is another cooperation between the two sides after the smooth delivery of the "Long Island Golden Pearl" and "Long Island Silver Pearl" ro-ro passenger ships.


The "430 passenger ship" has a captain of 79.15 meters and a design draft of 3.30 meters, with an approved passenger capacity of 430. As a passenger ship sailing in offshore waters, the design of the ship not only meets the functional requirements, but also takes into account the beauty and comfort of the ship.


Passenger rollers built for Bohai Changtong Travel in 2017


With the signing of new orders, Jinglu shipping industry played a new movement to resume production. At present, the company has nearly 20 projects under construction, including 82000-ton bulk carriers, 22200DWT cement ships, 1400-ton American tuna purse seine ships, saury ships, ro-ro passenger ships, scientific research auxiliary ships, trawlers and other ship types.



In the new year, Jinglu Shipbuilding will adhere to the quality policy of "careful design, fine management, standardized construction, and customer satisfaction", wholeheartedly repay the shipowners' trust and support to the company, and work together with new and old customers for a win-win cooperation.

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