Ronghai Mansion | City Cover Pays Tribute to Mountain and Sea Feelings


If you compare a city to a book, then the cover of the book must be able to represent the city, it is a manifestation of the speed of urban development, a core bearer of major development strategies, and a witness and participant in the urban process... With the establishment of the new district, the opening of the high-speed rail Qingxi Station, the settlement of many universities, and the arrival of hundreds of billions of dollars in planning, the ancient town entrance has become the cover of the West Coast Coast New District, A new city card is presented.


Shanhai Shengjing Wen Vein Thick Soil


The ancient town mouth is like the wing of the west coast, taking the policy east wind, gathering a number of heavy benefits. From a geographical point of view, the ancient town entrance is adjacent to the nuclear core area of the new district in the north, 100000 mu of Dazhushan AAAA scenic spot in the west, and the coastline and Lingshan Island in the east. The Navy Park runs through it and enjoys a line of mountains and seas privately. It can be said that it is a veritable place with mountains and seas. On top of talent, then take advantage. The master plan with a total investment of 120 billion million yuan has been released. World Expo City, China Resources TOD Town (under construction), Central Park (under construction), etc., nine major supporting facilities have settled here. Dazhushan and Lingshan Island face each other across the sea, the rapid construction of the university city, the deep development of collaborative innovation, the integration of nature and science and technology, Guzhenkou Bay is establishing a new pattern of cities on the west coast with industries such as science and technology, research and technology.



Ronghai Mansion is between mountains and seas, drawing a map of high-end luxury homes on the west coast. The project is jointly written by the state-owned enterprise Rongfa Group and the national top 100 Haier Chengchuang Group. It is adjacent to the site of Guzhenkou Fusion Innovation Demonstration Zone on Line M13, which has a smooth access to the whole city and leads to the urban area along Binhai Avenue. In the straight distance planning, M23 line is only about 800 meters, with double tracks on the side and reaching the west coast.



The luxury villa respects the order.


The project has a natural ecological splendor outside the Dazhushan Scenic Area and a French classic garden inside, which not only takes care of the body and mind, but also enjoys the courtesy of returning home respected by French. Landscape space and architecture accompany each other and complement each other's layout form, taking full account of the architectural functional zoning and indoor dynamic line, step-by-step scenery, to bring visitors different landscape space experience. Ronghai Mansion "melts" the scenery of the mountains and chooses the "sea" to live in. The poetic landscape courtyard adds infinite changes in space and artistic conception of the landscape.



Constant French neoclassicism, experience the years more classic. In this new classical facade, the classic breaks through the flat stone undulation, in the form of continuation to make time lasting, and dance with the environment friendly. In terms of architectural style, Ronghai Mansion adheres to the French design concept and style of "respecting and orderly" and inherits the French architectural classics. Craftsmen build a French wide-view mansion with a surface of 103-153 ㎡, a small height overlooking the sea, an independent elevator room, and exclusive access to private homes. The building covers an area of 155-163 ㎡ French overlapping, with upper and lower households enjoying independent private gardens. The building covers an area of about 205 ㎡, enjoy life at ease.



Star Service Wisdom Villa


In terms of property services, Ronghai Mansion adopts Haier real estate property, 24-hour security guard, 360-degree care and luxury star service. With advanced property service mode and rich management experience, the 24-o'clock exclusive service is customized for the owners. The community adopts fully enclosed management and integrates advanced intelligent living systems, such as perimeter prevention and control, visitor management, video inspection, video monitoring and other multi-dimensions to ensure property security, which not only ensures the privacy and comfort of your residence, but also ensures the safety of the elderly and children.

In terms of product design, Ronghai Mansion advocates a pro-mountain and pro-sea natural life. The courtyard in front of the door is comfortable with the sky and the land. You can look up at the blue sky, white clouds, starry sky and jaymoon. It is also the place where you can look down at pines and cypresses, green bamboos, flowers, birds, fish and insects. The internal spatial pattern is square and smooth. Ronghai Mansion understands what you need, understands what life enjoys, and rewards advanced life with Shanhaishu Residence. Sunny and late rain, clouds and fog disperse, sunrise and moon set, mountains and seas have sound and time flow together. The gurgling water and the faint singing of birds have echoed in the mountains and seas for hundreds of years. Today, a classic human settlement is completed day and night. Ronghai Mansion listened quietly to the talk of time in this mountain and sea, and felt the silence that moved the world.



Accompanied by mountains and seas to enjoy the four seasons


Living in Ronghai Mansion, in spring, a peach tree planted at the window of the courtyard is not big, but the trunk is best simple and unsophisticated, adding color to the prosperous May day. In summer, a few sticks of green bamboos planted under the courtyard are windy and sandy. In the summer night when the sun is sinking in the west of the month, bamboo shadows are all over the ground! In autumn, the maple trees planted in the courtyard are like flames, bright and bright, as if declaring the enthusiasm of the harvest season! In winter, let my small courtyard fall asleep, only looking forward to a few magpies visiting the white courtyard in the early morning of the snowy night, leaving behind the footprints of bamboo leaves.......


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