The four green spaces of Rongfa Group were awarded "Qingdao Fine Green Space"

Recently, the Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Landscape Architecture and Forestry notified the city's 2019 high-quality green space creation activities, and 72 high-quality green spaces in the city were rated as "Qingdao 2019 High-quality Green Space". Four green spaces managed and protected by Rongfa Group, including Yingshanhong Road Green Space (Yingshanhong Road to Sansha Road Node), Sansha Road Landscape Node (Binhai Avenue to Sansha Road), Fusion Road Green Space (North Entrance Node) and Haiya Road Green Space (Navy Park and Haiya Road Node), were selected, accounting for 1/3 of the total number of selected green spaces in the West Coast New District.


In order to comprehensively improve the level of fine management and protection of garden green space in the city, the Municipal Garden and Forestry Bureau has carried out activities to create high-quality green space. According to the relevant standards and norms of green space maintenance in our city, various districts and cities have taken various measures to create high-quality green spaces with their own characteristics, which has played a role as a model benchmark for the city's green space management and promoted the improvement of the city's green space level.




According to the arrangement of the new area, Rongfa Group has undertaken the municipal management of the ancient town mouth fusion area, with an operating area of 22 square kilometers. Among them, 960000 square meters of road cleaning, 750000 square meters of greening maintenance, 110 kilometers of drainage pipes, 11 rivers and 14 kilometers of coastline. Since 2019, the Group has made landscape improvements to the greening of important roads such as Navy Park, Sansha Road and Yingshanhong Road, starting from increasing investment in green space maintenance, adjusting green space layout, improving seedling varieties, optimizing plant configuration, strengthening water and fertilizer management, and scientific prevention and control of diseases and insect pests.





Among them, flowering trees and shrubs and colored-leaf tree species will be added along the route, and tulips, begonia, cockscomb, crape myrtle and other flowers will be added to key nodes and scenic spots to improve the ornamental value of the park. Upgrade and replace lawns with poor growth due to seawater flooding caused by storm surge to ensure coverage ≥ 95% and bald spots are controlled within 1%. Timely clean up fallen leaves and broken branches, and take physical prevention and take measures such as removal of diseased branches, combined with spraying carbendazim, stone sulfur mixture, methyl sulfate bacteria and other drug control, to ensure that the disease rate of ≤ 5%, borer pests ≤ 3%. Through efforts, the overall quality and image of the park has been greatly improved.





In the next step, Rongfa Group will continue to uphold the concept of fine management, adhere to the principle of equal emphasis on construction and management, make full efforts to "embroider", improve the level of management and protection, strive to create a green and livable environment, and make new contributions to beautifying the ancient town entrance and building a beautiful new district.


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