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Focus on the Main Responsibility, Main Business, Rapid Bigger and Stronger to Serve the High Quality Development of the New District-Economic Control Group Held Annual Work Summary Meeting

"Focus on the main responsibility of the main business, quickly become bigger and stronger, and fully serve the high-quality development of the new area." On the afternoon of January 10, 2020, the Economic Control Group held the 2019 Work Summary and 2020 Work Deployment Meeting to summarize the main work in 2019, clarify the future development strategy and deploy the key work in 2020. Zhang Jinlou, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the group, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Zhang Xingtang, deputy secretary of the party committee and president, presided over the meeting.

When reviewing and summarizing the work in 2019, the meeting pointed out that in the past year, the economic control group was established and operated, and its affiliated enterprises closely followed the decision-making deployment and development strategy of the new area in the aspects of "investment war", state-owned enterprise reform, rural revitalization, and party building., Accelerate market-oriented operations, and create a new situation of fission-type development.

This year, Kaitou Group and Rongfa Group under the Economic Control Group undertook the development and construction tasks of Qingdao Economic Development Zone Transformation Development Zone, Wangtai New Kinetic Energy Industry Base, Guzhenkou Fusion Zone and Airport Zone, with a total investment of more than 100 billion yuan. We have fully completed the annual construction target of the "Investment Conference" project in 109 new districts, with an investment of more than 15 billion yuan. Among them, the reconstruction of the Yinjiahe area was included in the Shandong Province urban shantytown reconstruction plan and the Qingdao City Office practical project, and the Marine Science Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was selected as a key construction project in Shandong Province.

Reconstruction Project of Yinjiahe Area of Kaitou Group

Marine Science Research Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Rongfa Group

In terms of market-oriented operations, the Economic Control Group and its affiliated companies have strategically cooperated with more than 40 central enterprises, state-owned enterprises and industry leading institutions to vigorously expand corporate mergers and acquisitions, financial investment, mixed reforms, ship repair and construction, real estate, trade and other businesses. The main operating indicators such as total assets, operating income, taxation, and securitization rate all doubled year-on-year in 2018. Among them, after Huaou Group was incorporated into Kaitou Group and Hualu Company was incorporated into Rongfa Group, all of them turned losses into profits, and the old enterprises were full of new vitality.

Jinglu Ship Repair Base

Four major real estate projects open for sale

Transformation and Upgrading of Huaou Concrete Industry

Hualu Company Participating in National and Provincial Highway Reconstruction

In terms of fulfilling the social responsibilities of state-owned enterprises, Kaitou Group and Rongfa Group have undertaken a talent apartment project with a total investment of 2 billion billion yuan and a total construction area of 250000 square meters. Among them, Haichuang Rongyuan Doctor Estate, built by Rongfa Group, was put into use, and Qingdao's first rented housing for college graduates, built by Kaitou Group, was completed to serve the "double recruitment and double introduction" of the new district. Kaitou Group invested 33 million yuan to complete 11 rural assistance projects to help revitalize the villages in the new district.

Dr. Estate, Haichuang Rongyuan, constructed by Rongfa Group

Rental housing projects undertaken by the Open Investment Group

Kai Investment Group Helps Rural Revitalization in Dachang Town

Rongfa Group Lianxin Fishing Port Catch Market

In addition, the enterprises affiliated to the Economic Control Group adhere to the leadership of party building, deeply create party building brands, solidly carry out education on the theme of "Do not forget your initiative mind, keep in mind the mission", continuously enhance the motivation and vitality of enterprise reform and development, and have won more than 30 awards in various provinces and cities.

National Day Flag Raising Ceremony

Visit Yangjiashan Anti-Japanese War Exhibition Hall

Based on the background of the deep integration of the new area into the implementation of the national strategy, the reform of the system and mechanism of national development zones and the reform of state-owned enterprises, the meeting made clear the future development ideas and direction of the group -- with the goal of building a first-class professional investment and operation platform in China, establish a firm platform thinking and market-oriented concept, further promote resource integration, industrial agglomeration and capital operation, rapidly expand the scale of enterprises, and create a first-class business environment, comprehensively improve investment and financing capabilities, development and construction capabilities, and park operation capabilities, and make positive contributions to the high-quality development of the new district and the transformation and upgrading of the development zone.

The meeting stressed that in 2020, the group will do a good job in the following key tasks: speed up market-oriented operation and maintain fission growth in various business indicators; Promote the construction of major projects with high standards and high efficiency, and continuously consolidate the advantages of development and construction; Coordinate the promotion of "double recruitment and double introduction" and park operation and management to provide all-round services for the landing of high-end projects and the settlement of talents; Build a front-end support platform to fully serve national defense and army; Build a first-class trade platform, promote local taxation, build full license finance, improve the level of enterprise securitization, deepen strategic cooperation, take advantage of the strength of innovation and development, further polish the party building brand, build a temperature of the enterprise.

The meeting called on all cadres and employees of the group to take Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guide, and under the strong leadership of the New District Working Committee Management Committee, vigorously promote the "Sunshine Economic Control, Dedication to Me" party building brand and "passion, efficiency, innovation, Win-win" enterprise spirit, strengthen confidence, seize opportunities, be brave to take responsibility, start a business, innovate and develop, become bigger and stronger, and help the new district to undertake and promote the national strategy.

At the meeting, the 2019 advanced collectives and individuals of Rongfa Group and Kaitou Group were commended, and the Group signed the "2020 Business Target Responsibility Letter" with relevant subsidiaries. Huaou Group, International Trade Group, Hualu Company and Asset Management Company made statements respectively.

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