Rongfa Group's initial public offering of medium-term notes

Recently, the direct financing of state-owned enterprises in the new district got off to a good start. Rongfa Group successfully issued medium-term notes "20 Qingdao Military-civilian MTN001" in the inter-bank bond market for the first time. The approved capital was 0.6 billion yuan, and the first raised capital was 0.3 billion yuan. The issuance period was 3+2 years, with a coupon rate of 4.06, a new low for Qingdao's issuance rate of the same grade and term.
Since 2019, Rongfa Group has rapidly expanded its enterprise scale, improved its operating income and profitability, successfully obtained AA external credit rating, and made new breakthroughs in financing through various means such as bond issuance, trust, financial leasing, project loan, merger and acquisition loan, etc. In order to successfully complete the annual construction and investment tasks of the new district integration offensive battle and the Guzhenkou "one district and three parks" investment battle project, help the new area to build a "test field" for the integration and innovation of in-depth development, providing a strong financial guarantee.

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