Rongfa Group Won the Outstanding Organization Award of the Fifth New District Organization Games

On October 19, 2019, the fifth organ sports meeting of the new area was held in China University of Petroleum (East China), and Rongfa group won the excellent organization award.


The Games was hosted by the leading group for the construction of organs in the new area. More than 4500 people from 109 teams from major functional areas, headquarters, organs, towns and streets and state-owned enterprises participated in the Games. For this sports meeting, Rongfa Group attaches great importance to it, actively mobilizes, carefully organizes and fully participates. The main person in charge of the group led the team, and a total of 139 cadres and employees participated in 15 competitions.


Among them, at the opening ceremony, a team review and a gymnastics performance were held. The group representative team had a neat lineup, orderly organization, and full of energy, and successfully completed the performance task; on the field, with the cheering and encouragement of the cheerleaders, the group athletes surpassed themselves and had the courage to compete for the first., Fully demonstrated Rongfa's indomitable, enterprising, healthy and progressive spirit and team spirit.



National fitness show style, stimulate vitality to be a pioneer. Rongfa Group will take the opportunity of participating in this Games to call on all cadres and employees to strengthen physical fitness, exercise a strong style of work, and gather the strength to forge ahead, with fuller enthusiasm, tenacious will, and stronger physique. we will make every effort to tackle key tasks such as the integration offensive war and the investment war, so as to contribute more national enterprise wisdom and strength to the construction of a beautiful new area.

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