Hualu Company: Carry forward the spirit of the iron army, attack the traffic "investment war"

Speeding up the construction of transportation infrastructure is an important part of the "investment war" in Qingdao West Coast New area this year. As an important participating unit, Qingdao Hualu Highway Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Rongfa Group, gives full play to its professional advantages in highway construction, carries forward the iron army spirit of being good at fighting, accelerates the promotion of the national and provincial highway upgrading project with a total length of 67 kilometers, and helps the new area to improve the travel environment and coordinate the coordinated development of urban and rural areas.


National Highway G228 Dandong Line is the main traffic line connecting Dongjiakou Port and Qingdao. Due to excessive traffic capacity, the road enters the maintenance period ahead of schedule. In order to improve its transportation capacity and facilitate people's travel, the new district has included it in the road repair plan. It is understood that the total length of this reconstruction section is 37.543 kilometers, starting from Langyatai South Road, extending to the south, passing through Langya Town and ending at the intersection with National Highway 204.

As a construction unit, in order to realize the opening to traffic as soon as possible, Hualu company has seized the golden period of construction, broken the regular and formulated a new construction plan since it entered the site on October 3. It is divided into three work areas, and the construction is carried out at the same time, and the milling and paving work is carried out at the same time. Due to the construction of national roads, provincial roads and municipal roads at the same time, the demand for asphalt has doubled, and the daily supply of asphalt is difficult to guarantee the demand of the three work areas. After discovering the problem, Hualu Company coordinated with relevant departments in a timely manner, integrated market resources, and ensured that the three work areas completed the supply with quality and quantity in the shortest time.

As a modern highway construction enterprise under Rongfa Group, Hualu Company has the first-class qualification for general contracting of highway engineering construction. Since July this year, the company has undertaken the reconstruction tasks of G228 Dandong Line, S215 Huangda Road and G342 Rifeng Road, with a total length of about 67 kilometers. The construction front is long, spanning many towns and villages, and the pressure of flow regulation is great. Adhering to the group's spirit of continuous innovation and learning from difficulties, Hualu Company deployed management and technical backbones to the construction site, eating and living on the front line, overcoming one problem after another in the construction process, dredging one blocking point after another, and accelerating the project. Advance laid a solid foundation.

At present, the overhaul project of S215 Huangdaolu has been opened to traffic two months earlier than expected. Due to traffic diversion, the southern section is now under construction and is expected to be completed on October 30. G342 Rifeng Road has been opened to traffic ahead of schedule and is under construction of ancillary works. The first work area of G228 Dandong line has completed 60% of the project quantity, the second work area has completed 50%, and the third work area has completed 30%. It is planned to be completed on November 10.

In the next step, Hualu Company will follow the deployment of the "Investment Battle" in the new area, and under the premise of ensuring the quality of the project construction and other requirements, further accelerate the construction progress, ensure the early completion and opening to traffic, and provide convenience for people to travel.




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