Rongfa Group: Carry forward the spirit of the iron army to start the project construction battle.

The autumn is crisp and the battle is raging. On the project site of Rongfa Group, there is a scene of big work going fast and in full swing. Recently, in response to the decision-making and deployment of the new district integration offensive battle and the investment battle of "one district and three parks" in the ancient town mouth integration zone, the integration group acted quickly, defined its objectives, launched a new offensive, fought a decisive battle in the fourth quarter, and started the project construction battle in an all-round way.

Since receiving the task, Rongfa Group has fully launched the "5 2" and "white plus black" work modes. On the basis of ensuring construction safety and project quality, it has inverted the construction period and wall chart operations, and accelerated the promotion of a total investment of 30 billion yuan in the Guzhenkou Fusion Zone. The construction of 86 key projects and basic supporting projects. Projects such as the Marine Science Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the faculty apartment of the Qingdao Science and Education Park of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the public venues of the university city, the Rongfa Building, and the Fusion Center are under construction day and night, and the construction of roads such as Zhushan South Road and University 11th Road is accelerated, and major project cooperation is progressing in an orderly manner......

In the next step, Rongfa Group will take this general battle as an opportunity to strengthen the responsibility of state-owned enterprises, carry forward the spirit of the iron army, work passionately to start a business, and make every effort to overcome difficulties, so as to ensure the successful completion of the annual project construction and investment tasks. to make due contributions to the new area to undertake the national strategy and the development and construction of the ancient town.

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