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Rongfa Group Launches Safety Production Emergency Drill

In order to further improve the production safety emergency system and improve the ability to respond to emergencies during the National Day, on the afternoon of September 25, 2019, Rongfa Group carried out a "functional comprehensive plan" exercise. More than 50 people, including the leaders in charge of the group, the heads of various projects under construction, and the emergency management personnel of the Qingdao Science and Education Park project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, participated in the exercise.
In this exercise, the Qingdao Science and Education Park project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was selected for fire emergency rescue and evacuation drills, as well as emergency operations and first aid drills after electric shock. During the drill, the drill personnel carried out the drill smoothly according to the preset steps, the emergency team was in place, and the teams quickly assembled and coordinated. Under the unified command, the rescue and evacuation work was carried out smoothly according to the division of responsibilities. The whole exercise process is serious, tense, safe and orderly.
Through this exercise, the emergency management mechanism has been further strengthened and the purpose of "promoting learning through training" has been achieved. It has not only enhanced the fire safety awareness of the staff, but also improved the comprehensive ability to deal with unexpected accidents. It has created a safe and stable environment for accelerating the promotion of the "investment conference war" project and welcoming the 70th anniversary of the founding of the the People's Republic of China.

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