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New District Federation of Trade Unions to Rongfa Group to Carry out "Summer Cool" Activities

Summer to send care, silk silk cool and refreshing heart. Recently, the hot summer and high temperature in the new district have continued, which is practical. Do a good job in heatstroke prevention and cooling, and make every effort to safeguard the occupational safety and health rights and interests of front-line workers, on July 31, 2019 In the afternoon, the New District Federation of Trade Unions came to the project site of the Marine Science Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which was built by Rongfa Group. Show "Summer Cool and Cool" activities to express condolences to the group employees who still stick to their posts in the high temperature.
During the event, the New District Federation of Trade Unions delivered mineral water, watermelons, mung beans, hats, towels and other heatstroke prevention and cooling supplies, and sent the care of the working committee management committee and trade union organizations to the hearts of employees. At the same time, they praised their spirit of fighting in the high temperature and contributing to the construction of the beautiful new area, and urged them to pay attention to safety protection, combine work and rest, and ensure the safety and health of high-temperature labor.
Subsequently, the trade union of Rongfa Group organized the group's airport construction project team, Huang Da Road overhaul project team, Taolin Road construction project team and Enteromorpha moss cleaning project team to deliver summer heat prevention drugs and cooling materials to outdoor workers.
In the scorching heat, the work clothes of front-line workers left deep sweat stains, as well as the party building brand of "sunshine and dedication" and the enterprise spirit of "passion, efficiency, innovation and win-win. Everyone said one after another that they would take care as the driving force, fight the high temperature and heat with practical actions, stand on their posts, strive for dedication, ensure the high standards and high efficiency of various projects, and help the construction of beautiful new areas.
In the next step, Rongfa Group will scientifically arrange working hours according to the characteristics of high temperature in summer, strictly implement preventive measures, make every effort to ensure construction safety, and ensure that front-line workers spend the high temperature season safely and healthily.

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