The main body of the first phase of the science lecture hall in the public venue of the university city is capped


Recently, the main body of the first phase of the science lecture hall in the public venues of the university town built by Rongfa Group was capped.



The Science Lecture Hall is the first of the six public venues in the university city to start construction. It is located in the Science and Education Innovation Zone of the Guzhenkou Fusion Zone, with a total construction area of 26300 square meters and a total investment of 0.248 billion yuan. It is constructed in two phases, of which the construction area of the first phase is 20700 square meters.



As the core supporting facilities of the university city, after the completion of the science lecture hall, it will provide large-scale academic exchanges, catering and other services for surrounding universities such as the Marine Science Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Qingdao campus of Harbin Engineering University, the west coast campus of Ocean University of China, and the Guzhenkou campus of China University of Petroleum (East China), so as to create a free, open and interactive academic center. At the same time, open operation to the society, activate public space, and provide an important guarantee for the new district to accelerate the introduction of high-quality higher education resources and build a new highland of technology and talents.


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