Rongfa (open investment) two projects included in the Qingdao City key projects!


Recently, the Qingdao Municipal Government issued an official document announcing the list of municipal key projects in Qingdao in 2019, including 200 key construction projects with a total investment of 636.8 billion yuan and 182 key preliminary projects with a total investment of 369.87 billion yuan. The Marine Science Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences undertaken by Qingdao Military-civilian Integration Development Group and the Science and Technology Park, a new kinetic energy industrial base in the development zone undertaken by Qingdao Development Zone Investment and Construction Group, were selected as the city's 2019 key construction projects and key early-stage projects respectively.



The selected municipal key projects involve university construction, manufacturing, film and television entertainment and other aspects, which are related to the speed and quality of the city's economic development, and are an important starting point for promoting supply-side structural reform.


Marine Science Research Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences


The Marine Science Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is located in the Guzhenkou Military-civilian Integration Innovation Zone, covering an area of 2000 acres, with a total investment of about 7 billion yuan and a planned total construction area of about 950000 square meters. The project focuses on the three major areas of offshore environment, deep ocean and marine life, and undertakes major scientific and technological tasks such as strategic pilot science and technology projects and national key research and development plans, providing high-quality scientific and technological supply for the conversion of new and old kinetic energy and the deep integration of military and civilian. At present, the 27 single buildings in the first phase of the project have all been capped, and the secondary structure, facade and indoor supporting construction are being accelerated.




Kichuang Park, New Kinetic Energy Industry Base, Development Zone


The new kinetic energy industry base of the development zone is located in the new kinetic energy industry base of Wangtai, covering an area of about 450 mu. The project locates the service industry agglomeration area of the new kinetic energy industry base, and focuses on the planning of commerce and trade, culture, financial services, headquarters office, information services, apartment residence and hotel leisure as its main functions. It strives to build a landmark complex and popular gathering place in the northern part of the new district, with the start-up area as the core, to drive the overall development of the new kinetic energy industry base. At present, the Juyang River comprehensive improvement project, roads and other base infrastructure construction is speeding up.



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