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Rongfa Group Actively Launching Volunteer Service Activities of "Learning from Lei Feng"


March 5, 2019 is the 56th "Memorial Day of Learning from Lei Feng" and the 20th Chinese Youth Volunteer Service Day. In order to further promote the in-depth and continuous development of the activities of learning from Lei Feng, and to deeply understand the essence and value of Lei Feng's spirit, according to the unified deployment of the Urban Civilization Office, the Party Committee of Rongfa Group organized a voluntary service with the theme of "Promoting Lei Feng's spirit and striving to be a newcomer of the times" activity.



At 9 o'clock in the morning, nearly 40 party members and young volunteers of the group were divided into three service teams, starting from Naval Road, Sansha Road, and Fusion Road, and gathered at the Naval Park. Volunteers put it into practice and distributed nearly a thousand copies of the "Lei Feng Spirit is feasible for everyone" proposal, wiping seats, cleaning sculptures, and cleaning roads along the way, paying tribute to Lei Feng with practical actions. Through this event, not only let everyone truly experience the connotation of Lei Feng's spirit, but also promote the traditional virtues of selfless dedication, and enhance the moral quality and dedication of the employees.



In the next step, Rongfa Group will call on all cadres and employees to continue to promote the party building brand of "Sunshine Rongfa, Dedication to Me" and the Lei Feng volunteer spirit of "Dedication, Friendship, Mutual Assistance, and Progress", and deeply promote the normalization and long-term effectiveness of learning from Lei Feng. Stand up at critical moments, innovate and work hard in jobs, act bravely in overcoming difficulties, and further assume the responsibilities of state-owned enterprises and fulfill the mission of state-owned enterprises, to speed up the construction of military and civilian happiness, cadres are proud of, and make greater contributions to the beautiful new area.


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