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Dredging of Juyang River Comprehensive Regulation Project Completed


Recently, the comprehensive renovation of Juyang River, a livelihood project in Qingdao West Coast New District with a total investment of about 0.21 billion yuan, has completed dredging.



The project covers a 500-meter section from Qinglan Expressway Bridge in the lower reaches of Juyang River to the south section of Xiaozhuyang Village in West Coast New District and the stone weir in the north of Xihui Village to the lower reaches of G22 Qinglan Expressway, with a total length of 8.2 kilometers. The construction mainly includes channel dredging, embankment reinforcement, bank protection, slope greening, embankment crossing and water storage structures and pollution interception and remediation works.



Since the start of construction in December 2018, Kaitou Group has bravely assumed the responsibility of state-owned enterprises. It has inverted the construction period, pushed forward stubble pressing, dredged 170000 cubic meters of river channels, and acquired 27000 square meters of land and trees. While rapidly advancing the construction progress, it has built engineering facilities such as on-site headquarters, cofferdams, and emergency bridges.


After the project is completed in the flood season of 2019, it will effectively improve the regional flood control and disaster reduction capabilities, maintain the healthy life of the river, ensure the sustainable use of river functions, promote the construction of ecological civilization in the new area, and achieve the governance goal of "clear water, smooth flood, and green shore". To create a good production and living environment for the surrounding people, and at the same time create an excellent investment environment for the development and construction of Wangtai new kinetic energy industry base.


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