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Navy Park awarded Qingdao City "Demonstration Park"


Recently, the Navy Park built and managed by Rongfa Group was awarded the "Demonstration Park" in Qingdao ". This selection is organized by the Urban Landscape Bureau of Qingdao City Administration. The purpose is to further promote the construction of ecological civilization, improve the urban living environment, effectively manage the park, and improve the quality of the park and the service environment. After strict data review and on-site evaluation, 16 parks such as Qingdao Navy Park have reached the standard of demonstration parks in comprehensive evaluation.



Naval Park is the first naval theme park built in China. It is also an open coastal park with an organic integration of military culture and natural landscape. It is located in the northeast of Guzhenkou military civilian integration innovation zone in Qingdao West Coast new area. With a planning area of 460000 square meters, the design concept is taken from waves and incorporates naval elements. It has built a landscape demonstration section with the theme of "Defending the Home and the Country", "Fishing Stacking", "Huangyan Ring Show", "Big Country Home Port", "Nansha Range Rover", "Yongxing Lingyun" five nodes, military aircraft and other retired equipment and "Military Port Night" theme sculptures, focusing on the natural features of my country's maritime borders and naval weapons and equipment, effectively enhance the national defense and coastal defense awareness of the whole people.



Since it was completed and opened in 2016, it has become a popular scenic spot for national defense education, film and television shooting, and tourism in Qingdao. It has received more than 300000 tourists in total. It has been rated as the national youth Qingdao activity camp Guzhenkou patriotism education base and marine science education base. Shandong National Defense Education Base, Qingdao National Defense Education Base, Qingdao Science Education Base.



In the next step, Rongfa Group will take the opportunity of being awarded Qingdao's "Demonstration Park" to further enhance the sense of mission and responsibility of urban landscaping, do a solid job in the management of the Navy Park and the improvement of the scenic environment, and polish the new business card of Qingdao's military-civilian integration cultural tourism. Make new contributions to making Qingdao more dynamic, more fashionable and beautiful, and more unique.


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