At the end of the year, we will not relax our efforts in safety inspection and protection of peace-Rongfa Group will carry out a large-scale inspection of safety in production before the festival.

In order to further strengthen the work of safety production at the end of the year and the beginning of the year and consolidate the supervision responsibility of safety production, recently, Rongfa Group has carried out a large-scale safety inspection before the festival, taking supervision and supervision as the main line and efficiency accountability as the means to comprehensively strengthen the investigation and management of potential safety hazards in the areas under the jurisdiction of the Group, so as to ensure the stability and control of the safety situation of the Group.

This inspection is based on the requirements of the document "Notice on Carrying out the Special Rectification of Major Hidden Danger in Production Safety at the End of the Year and the Beginning of the Year" (No. 18 [2022], Xin'an, Qingxi) in Qingdao West Coast New District, and the leaders in charge of the group lead the comprehensive department, safety and quality department, and engineering management department to form an inspection team, in-depth pre-holiday production safety inspections were carried out in 9 key projects including Rongfa Building, Guzhen Kou coastline restoration and comprehensive management, university city public venues (stadiums), and Sansha Road utility tunnel.



The inspection team carefully checked the construction progress of each project and the implementation of safety production measures, focusing on fire prevention and control, electricity safety, mechanical vehicles, high-altitude operations, hoisting operations, inspection and maintenance operations, limited space operations, and on-site "three violations". The phenomenon has carried out hidden danger investigation, and has supervised the construction progress of the project in all directions according to the standard time nodes to ensure that key issues are investigated and supervised, and major risks are investigated and corrected.


The inspection team put forward for each project: first, it is necessary to further implement and refine the safety responsibilities and compact the safety production responsibilities of all employees; second, it is necessary to further improve the relevant systems of safety work and implement detailed specific work measures; third, it is necessary to further strengthen the daily supervision and inspection of safety work, carry out regular investigation of hidden dangers, and make relevant records; fourth, we should conscientiously do a good job in fire control and safety in winter and spring; fifth, it is necessary to arrange the relevant work before the festival, ensure the continuous and stable safety work during the Spring Festival, and create a good and stable environment for the group to achieve a "good start" in the New year.



In the next step, Rongfa Group will strictly implement the cold prevention and freezing plan, carry out risk point analysis and difficulty analysis in view of the severe cold weather and the resumption of work after the holiday, make emergency preparations for cold prevention and freezing in advance, improve emergency handling capabilities, and ensure progress safety and personnel safety.


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