Introduction of new equipment to help improve the quality and efficiency of road construction -2000 thermal regeneration equipment of Hualu Company of Rongfa Group was put into operation

Recently, the road pipe network project of Juyang Road in West Coast New District has entered the stage of surface paving. The asphalt mixture used in this surface paving project is produced by 2000-type thermal recycling equipment newly introduced by Hualu Company. The materials produced by this equipment have multiple advantages such as controllable mixture quality, wide application of recycled materials and high environmental protection standards. After user testing, important technical indexes such as thickness, compaction, flatness and pavement seepage of the test section are better than similar products, it meets the requirements of green and low-carbon development of road maintenance, and lays a solid foundation for the company's hot-mixed recycling construction and production.



Hot recycled asphalt mixture is the most widely used and mature asphalt pavement regeneration method in the world, which can realize the recycling of resources. By transporting the old asphalt pavement back to centralized crushing after turning and digging, according to the quality requirements of different levels of the pavement used, the ratio design is carried out, and the mixture is mixed with new aggregate, new asphalt, recycled agent, etc. in a certain proportion to obtain excellent recycled asphalt mixture. The direct economic benefits are mainly reflected in the saving of aggregate, asphalt material cost, waste transportation cost and stacking cost, and the production cost can be saved by about 40%, greatly avoid material waste and environmental pollution. At present, there are nearly 10 million orders for hot recycled asphalt mixtures produced by Hualu Company, involving many projects such as national and provincial highways, municipal projects, and the renovation of old residential areas.



In the next step, Hualu Company will actively respond to the national call to accelerate the recycling of highway pavement materials, effectively promote the long-term development of national and provincial highway transformation technology, continue to promote market-oriented operation, tap the potential of equipment, and follow up the hot recycling technology of asphalt mixtures Research, promotion and application, continuously improve product innovation and quality, make it integrated and implemented in the entire process of highway construction, management, and maintenance, and build the company's core competitiveness in the field of pavement regeneration, help the West Coast New District urban renewal and urban construction.

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